Any Carpenters/house builder around here?

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    If so can I pick your brain?

    I have this wood creaking ( some times sound like nail getting pulled/pushed) it ridiculous annoying in my room, and get really bad when when windy and this creak can be hear from other rooms that how loud it gets.

    at first I thought it was coming from the siding on other side of room, but i cant find any lose siding Then put hand my ceiling where I think the noise coming from which center of my room and inch or 2 from that same wall and can feel it ever time noise happens. So I think noise from my ceiling?, above my ceiling is attic and in same wall 4 feet higher then my ceiling there "vent" in wall that goes out side. 3 of wall in this room are out side wall and they all really move in wind as i can feel it when said walls move when I sitting with my back to them.

    Any idea how to pin point the noise and put stop to it? i resorted to wearing earplug cause that noise happening all night would freak me out all night. add to theHVAC unit out side my window going on and off all day night I would just freak out all night, seeing i cant sleep in first place
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