Anti Virus and Parasites for Humans

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    Beside parasites and virus on computers. It's been known that humans also can get it as well. I found some anti virus/parasites programs for humans.
    This programs are not useful to me as i depend on herbs/fruits to protect myself. Anyone can give it a try and share reults here.:)

    1150Hz - Parasite Killing Frequency⬖Viruses Destruction⬖Pure tones Healing Sounds⬖Cell Recover

    Full Body Healing Frequency ( 432 Hz + 741 Hz ) : Super Recovery & Healing, Remove Negative Energy

    174Hz + 417Hz + 741Hz Triple Healing Energy | Pain Trauma & Detox Frequency Meditation & Sleep Music

    M.O.H / W.H.O are satellite terrorists & War Criminals ! [​IMG]
    Tobacco Leaf & Fruits Life. upload_2023-12-3_7-58-13.gif

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    I wonder about you sometimes man.....
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    has anyone got anything this dude can be colouring in?
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    From Claude, Anthrop/c's AI:

    I would be very cautious about claims of "anti-virus" or "anti-parasite" programs for humans. There is no evidence that herbs, fruits, or software can detect or remove viruses or other pathogens from the human body. Some key points:

    • Viruses and other pathogens that infect humans do so by complex biological mechanisms that are very different from computer viruses or malware. They cannot simply be "detected and removed" in the same way.
    • The human immune system has evolved over millions of years to recognize and clear infections. No supplement or "program" can improve on that through simple mechanisms.
    • Herbs and fruits can have health benefits, but there is no scientific evidence that any specific foods can "protect" against infectious disease the way a vaccine does, for example. A healthy diet supports immunity but does not replace medicines and vaccines.
    • Software that claims to scan for pathogens or boost immunity against infection should be viewed very skeptically. At best they are likely harmless but useless. At worst, they could be scams preying on the vulnerable or lead to false confidence.
    I would focus on the basics - eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, washing your hands regularly, and seeing a real doctor if you feel ill. Be wary of "too good to be true" claims around herbs, fruits or dubious software protecting against viruses and other pathogens. The human body doesn't work that way.
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