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Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by WhiteLightning, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. DocStrangelove

    DocStrangelove Maha Guru

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    This is exactly how i find the games i want to play tomorrow. If i can watch an hour and am still interested i give it a chance. With Anthem that was 5mins and i was done.
  2. Seaclean

    Seaclean Master Guru

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    DLSS support confirmed for Anthem

  3. shoja

    shoja Ancient Guru

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    I agree with everything you said because I also come from the OG days of Bioware, and they have certainly dropped down in quality significantly. It's not just EA, but all the major video game industries (excluding Blizzard [Except for Diablo Mobile, I am not forgiving them for that]) screwing their fans over. Best thing we as customers can do is to vote with our wallets. I didn't bother with Adromeda for all the reasons you stated above. Inquisition? Got it when it was on massive sale because I felt the same way about its story like you and many others did. Same goes for Anthem, I will vote with my wallet, so they better hope they got everything right at launch lol

    I have usually been mildly pleased with the dev streams, but that IGN video was eh.... maybe because of bad presentation? I don't know. We will find out after launch when actual users start commenting on the game.

    I didn't get The Division at launch because of all the negativity it got, but did get it later on when I heard they changed up the whole thing for better. I had a blast too! I am looking forward to the sequel :)
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  4. KissSh0t

    KissSh0t Ancient Guru

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    Windows 10 is stated as a minimum requirement for Anthem but it then states DirectX 11 is the minimum requirement....... That's confusing.

  5. warlord

    warlord Ancient Guru

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    MSI R9 390X GAMING
    In a fully updated windows 7 system, it will run the same as windows 10 machine unless it's using dx12.
  6. Kono

    Kono Master Guru

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    RTX 2070 / 8GB
    I got D2 when it was free. Bought Forsaken+Annual Pass, leveling up my third character right now. D2 is really good after the Forsaken update. After completing my second character, I can see why D2 and it first two expansion got such a bad review. But as soon as I start Forsaken, the game really open up. Now with WF, I don't know, Fortuna 2.0 is really meh. Especially, have to go fishing, mining, and skateboarding, ehh.. no thanks. I want fast action, not some boring mining, fishing and wonky skateboarding game. They really derailed.

    D2 and WF is different game. Imho, Anthem is more like WF. Based on the video, they just keep talking about the same spamming abilities. This really worry me how little the game have to offer. In addition, the world while pretty, doesn't look like it offered much. Quite cluster and repetitive. I want Anthem to success, but at the release date close, nothing seem to progress since day 1 trailer.
  7. haste

    haste Master Guru

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    GTX 1080 @ 2.1GHz
    Destiny 2 is filled with broken RPG mechanics, totally unsatisfying item drops, upgrading weapons or armor has no real impact on anything including legendary and exotic items... Everything except the core FPS mechanics is done wrong. I've finished it because of story, then I've played it with brother, who deleted the game after 1 day...

    IMHO D2 is the worst game that came from Activision-Blizzard to date. I don't believe Anthem could be any worse, it's almost impossible.
  8. emperorsfist

    emperorsfist Member Guru

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    You'll find out that no low is impossible for the "AAA" gaming industry.
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