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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jim2point0, Jun 30, 2015.

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    Asus Strix 2080TI
    Aight... so I know this is annoying, but I've checked multiple PSU calculators and asked several people, and I get all kinds of mixed results.

    I'm going to swap out my TitanX for 2 EVGA superclocked 980TIs. I also have an overclocked 3770k pushed to 1.30v. 1 SSD, 1 HDD, and 1 Blu-ray drive.

    One calculator said I only need a 750w power supply (to be on the safe side) and another said I would need 900w.

    Forum posters here and there also suggest that I would need 850w, but that I should get a 1000w power supply just to be flexible in the future. Others say I don't need more than 650w.

    Here is my current PSU. Is that enough, or should I get more power?
  2. Barry J

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    RTX2080 TRIO Super
    my gut says 750 will be a little to close for comfort if your going to change psu you might as well get more and not worry about what you need.

    970 dedicated PhysX
    5 x SSD
    1x 1tb HDD
    1 X Bluray rom

    I overclock without worry of power

    1300w for me

    NVidia say 600w for 1 980ti you want 2 I would say 1000w would give you breathing room as 980ti is 250w each more if you overclock my card is 274w overclocked as per guru3d review
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  3. lexer98

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    With a 750w power supply you don't have too much room. Keep in mind that cards can consume 275w each one (overclocked) and that 3770 arround 100-120w at that frequency ... is too close for my taste.
    1000W is enough , 1200W if you want more room ... 1300w+ is overkill.
  4. K-putt

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    GTX 1080Ti
    I say it again, your 750psu is probably fine as long as you don't go bonkers with the gpu overclock.
    They both would use up to 500 watt together on stock. Couple that with the ~150 watt of the oc'ed i7.

    You would probably end up with ~680 watts if you stresstest the whole system. Which means full load on cpu and gpu's.
    That's a load you would never reach in real-world appliactions tho.

    So you either keep that one, or get a decent 850watt thing and call it a day.
    1000+ watt is just insanity if you only use 2 cards.
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  5. Agonist

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    6800XT 16GB
    Honestly I wouldnt run it with a 750w.
    If I was you, especially since budget doesnt seem be an issue, Id go for a nice 1000w.
  6. theoneofgod

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    RX 580 8GB
    1000w would probably be about right.
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  7. GhostR1der

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    I am doing a build right now with i7-5930k overclocked, 2 SSD's and possibly two GTX 980 Ti's on water. Which will include additional overhead for a pump and fans. 1000W PSU should be enough and during intense gaming it should never reach a load above 90%.

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