Annoying Creative Drivers keep switching to 48 kHz Sampling Rate

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    Hey guys I'm having an annoying problem. I have a Creative XtremeGamer and I have it hooked up to my Onkyo TX-SR607 receiver using an optical cable. My problem is that the within the 'Creative Console Launcher' it keeps setting the master sampling rate to 48 kHz. It's utterly ridiculous, because I can just be sitting here listening to music and it'll automatically switch from 44.1 to 48 for absolutely no reason. What's funny enough is that it won't even let me adjust the sample rate while music is playing, but it'll randomly decide for itself that it wants to play at 48 kHz, even in the middle of music, and it'll screw up my music. I would just listen at 48 kHz but I believe the upsampling is utterly destroying the sound quality (high pitched frequencies within my music all of a sudden have an accompanying hiss noise).

    Does anyone have any idea why it would do this?


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    Driver glitch perhaps?
    Pull the drivers and install a new set either stock drivers or modded set.

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