Analog television only gets recognised as HDTV

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    Have a problem with my 8800GTS, or is it my driver?
    The problem is, when I connect my analog television as a second display, it only gets recognised as an HDTV display, which really is bad. It displays very strangely on the analog display.
    Are there drivers out there where television-detection works better? So my analog television gets recognised as an analog television?
    I use the latest NVidia drivers, and wish there was an easier way then the NVidia control panel, I really dont like that.
    Also, i am not that expreienced in Windows Vista yet.. Where can i find the display properties, or are they gone from Vista?
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    What cable did you use to connect your TV? I had trouble when connecting my TV using a direct DVI to HDMI cable (image was really hazy and off-center).
    When I switched to a DVI-DVI cable, everything worked just fine.

    As a note, I was able to use DVI-HDMI cable while I used WinXP. The problem with it only occured in Vista.

    Hope it helps.


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