AMD XConnect External GPU Technology for Radeon Graphics

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Mar 10, 2016.

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    Pretty smart move by AMD, external gpu's have been a thing for a while now but it was pretty shaky because you never knew if your chinese branded external gpu solution would work.

    Having amd make an open standard eliminates that.
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    I've been interested and waiting for these to reach market for a Long time!

    Its use has been diluted by the ability to stream games form a powerful desktop computer to your smaller mobile devices now, although it is a fantastic option for people who don't already have a gaming PC.

    The one Achilles Heal these external boxes all seem to have though is their ridiculously high cost... before you even put a GFx card into the damn things. They fix that and I think now the connector is becoming more common they will sell a lot of these things :)
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    I see this as having positives and negatives. There is a reason desktops have case fans, water coolers, and sometimes titanically large HSF's for the CPU. I would imagine the intended market for this product is small form factor PC's/Laptops/Netbooks, whatever you want to call them. Well, they are small forms for a reason, easier portability, being the #1 reason. Adding a GPU briefcase seems a little ridiculous to me.

    So I have a AMD 390x externally plugged into my laptop. How's my CPU doing on its micro HSF? No to mention all the budget laptops sold. I could see a lot of uninformed people buying a decent GPU, and paring it with a budget mobile CPU, then being furious its not working a lot better. I.E. console type players going ballistic because they can't max settings on their budget Laptop, paired with there mid range external GPU.

    P.S. I have a step-son that let his friend play his gaming laptop a few years ago, while he took a nap. Seems the friend was playing it on the carpet, and my step-son woke to a fried laptop. These will sell, but a flood of pissed off (blue screen, or bricked) buyers, doesn't seem "unlikely", to me.

    /shrugs, I wouldn't be an early adopter of this.
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    Yeah, you'd want to pair your decent exernal GPU with a good i7 CPU that's well cooled - the mobile i7 CPUs are plenty good enough for gaming with some really good performance if they're well cooled & not power starved. Asus/Alienware/MSI/Clevo all have decent ability to cool & supply power to i7 CPUs in the 15" & 17" categories. If I ever do buy another laptop (rather than building a desktop - haven't decided yet), then I'd definitely get one that will have the ability to attach to a decent eGPU - it's always the GPU that gets obsolete quickly in laptop gaming, the CPUs can have years on them, mobile i7 Sandy Bridge CPUs still good for gaming (I have one!).

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