AMD X2 555 Unlocked to AMD X4 TWKR 00 OC'd to 4025ghz : Help

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    AMD X2 555 Unlocked to AMD X4 TWKR 00 OC'd to 4.025ghz : Help

    Greets to all !

    I recently picked up a phenom 2 x2 555 as a replacement for my phenom 1 9850.

    My motherboard is the Gigabyte 790X-UD4P, but with a bios update from GB's website and after checking the support list i settled on the F8 Bios after trying the F9/F10C setup. Now the problem is when i first updated the bios and booted it immediately recognized it as a quadcore without having to unlock it using the ACC/Hybrid Firmware settings and in CPU-Z it reads it as AMD Engineering sample and I cant get any tempreture readings from HW Monitor which is okay cause i have Easy Tune to read it, it also doesnt make a difference when unlock the settings in the bios as you can see in the screen shot below with all the settings.

    The problem is that since i cannot use it as a dual core even at stock speeds the cpu performs poorly in games/benches, heck my phenom 9850 outperforms this thing, and I have a feeling its bottle necking my 5870, so what I thought I would do is that I'd try ocing this thing to the most I can given the temps I can get using watercooling, but CPU Z is reporting it as 230*8 = 1839.9mhz where infact the bios settings its 234*18=4025Mhz.. I have no idea whats going on, the voltage reported by cpuz is correct, its just the clock speeds that are wrong. My memory is also fine its 6gb 800mhz mushkin which is not oc'd yet.

    The right clock speeds are shown in the bios, the dxdiag and the core usage viewer on the top right corner. I have a feeling the bios is immature or there is something wrong with this cpu cause it appears as a quadcore but performs as a dual core.


    Any help would be much much appreciated !
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