AMD Vega 10 GPU Accidentally Confirmed Radeon RX 490 name and 8GB

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jan 31, 2017.

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    Tbh if it is 12tflop part it will be somewhere around 1500mhz no way around that. Also it should have better IPC then Fury or Polaris cards. And all in all improved anyway.
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    Not sure about this, but it is gonna be a driving force for people to choose the faster card.
    Yeah, I didn't think for a second that my GTX 1070 is overclocked so the gap is now even smaller (I think 5% last time I calculated vs stock 1080), but as you say even the stock GTX 1070 is not far behind the GTX 1080 - if a 1080 can give a good experience then so will the GTX 1070 unless the GTX 1080 is only just scrabbling to get a good experience (which it won't need to).
    What you say makes sense in as much as they might be referring to a resolution greater than 1080p, but I think the performance gap between GTX 1070 & 1080 is not a significant enough one to notice a big difference in playability, not unless the GTX 1080 is struggling to get past a consistent 40fps (in which case GTX 1070 would suffer poor playability). I would bet that when this HD pack launches then we'll see they should have put GTX 1070 as recommended spec. (Yeah, I'm gonna need to rearrange some games on my SSD to allow enough space for this monstrous download!)
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    Many people like me buy a very good GPU once in ~3 years and then hold on to it for those 3 years.

    1080 may look hip and all now, but 2 years from now it will be the same story as with my 290X, which used to be really good at a time, but now is much more tame. Basically I'd buy 1080 not to try and push frame rate my 2k monitor is not capable of, but to ensure I will have enough juice to last next 2-3 years without sacrificing quality much.

    For example I am waiting to see 1080Ti or VEGA and I'll make a purchase and it will hold up great for another 3 years.

    Pretty sure in 3 years for now we will have GPUs with double the performance readily available and games will catch up as well to that.
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    Yes, you have a point. But most people who don't upgrade are often on a budget, in which case the 1080 is still a poor choice. A 1070 will handle most things you throw at it and by the time it starts to get a little too weak, you could buy a 2nd one. At that point you'll have spent less money than buying a single 1080 and you'll have more performance.

    I personally think 1070s are good enough to not get obsoleted in 3 years, assuming you stick with 2K gaming at 60FPS.

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    Nice texture pack for Fallout 4.

    As for Vega, the impression I got from what AMD's engineer said is that it's not a 100% win across the board and that at lower resolutions it was still uncertain, although, they hope they can beat GTX1080.

    My prediction is that it'll only come into it's own at high resolutions like 2k/4k, where as 1080p won't be very interesting for current pascal owners (not that it should be anyway).

    On top of this, I don't think it'll be the 4k card people are hoping for it to be. That'll be the next lot of cards.

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