AMD to release 3rd Gen Threadripper processors this year already

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Mar 7, 2019.

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    That's about what I hope they'll do, a 10% increase in frequency while using no more power than Zen+. 10% would get us to 4.7-4.8 GHz.

    Another thing that will be interesting to see is what will be the minimum configuration of Zen2. It seems like yields would have to be poor to cut down Ryzen 3000 to 4c/8t. Could we see the lowest Zen2 sku#s at 6c/6t?

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    All that said, AMD is still "catching up" even with Zen2, the only thing AMD has going for them is throwing cores at people, which at least to me is getting old beyond a certain count in mainstream/enthusiast.

    And who could have imagined the adding cores can actually increase performance...?
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    It actually wasn't a fine paid to a government--100% of the money went straight to AMD as a part of the settlement it enacted with Intel to end the AMD anti-trust lawsuit against Intel. More importantly, also as a part of the settlement, Intel has agreed in writing to never again pull the stunt of paying OEMs (like Dell) to not sell AMD CPUs. It always bears repeating what a powerful competitor AMD is--Intel used every nasty trick in the book to add AMD to the long line of x86 wannabe cpu manufacturers who are now extinct, from pre-Athlon on up. Even though threatened by Intel with parts shortages and higher prices, the third-party motherboard vendors were resolute in supporting AMD's Athlon platform regardless, way back in 1999. They took a dim view of Intel's attempts to strong-arm them. These days Intel will have to compete on solely technical grounds as opposed to just throwing money around, as in the old days, plus AMD's top management is composed of technical people, not the pencil pushers who have taken over Intel by all appearances.
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    Not sure what is hard to believe about it. It's only logical for it to be expected to be near 5ghz. Otherwise you're saying that a fairly major node change and architecture change has about the same increase as the minor architecture change and minor node change from Zen to Zen+, and that's not logical.

    Obviously only time will tell but i prefer to base expectations on logical progression.

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