AMD Stock Taking In a Big Upwards Trend 16% added value after Epyc Rome announcements

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Aug 12, 2019.

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    Ez stonks


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    Yep, this time AMD did it in the right way- together with it's partners, If you look around many new "PCIe Gen4" HW parts just keep popping around for ROME.
    So if you wan't to use all the Best and Fast "Toys" around- you Must use EPYC ROME :).
    Intel with it's High TDP and 28C limit + same old PCIE Gen3 and limited PCI Lanes+all the performance hit's from security mitigation- it's really a bad deal this days.
    Also if you look and Intel's ARK- They charge over 70% extra for their Xeon 8280L [~$17K]with 4.5TB mem support for slower 28C while AMD offers you 64C with 4TB + 128+ PCIeGen4 with a starting price under 5K!
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    Now that is what Really hurts Intel. This is a lucrative market.

  5. D3M1G0D

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    Yup. As an AMD shareholder, I was ecstatic about Rome's release and the impact on the stock (sort of makes up for the lackluster earnings and Trump's continuing trade war). Rome certainly made an impact on reviewers. Not only does it perform superbly but the value it provides is phenomenal. Makes me excited for what Zen 2 Threadripper will bring to the table (might be the final nail in the coffin for Intel's X-Series).
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    Also looks like the 64C price will be sweet too since AMD decided to ask just $4,599 for 7702P 64C part, so $2999 for 64C TR looks reasonable, Also hope they will offer cTDP options also, because it's not considered OCing and not voids warranty (important for pro's like PugetSystems and etc').
    Lets say 250W for 64C to be backwards compatible with 2990WX baords + offering 300W cTDP option for higher end boards,
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    Found this:
    AMD stock has risen 85% this year through Friday as investors have grown increasingly optimistic about the company’s product pipeline. In December, Barron’s suggested that AMD could be a big winner for 2019.

    Last Wednesday, the company introduced its latest server chip, called “Rome,” which received stellar reviews for its price and performance versus Intel’s offering.

    85% this year!
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    The fundamentals do not justify the stock price. Forward PE ratio is @ 68 thus making it a highly speculative buy. Meaning for every $68 invested in AMD stock, you get $1 earning per share over the coming year.
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    When is the next Upgrade cycle for Faceboock? last time that they upgraded -ebay was full of used e5 2670 at $75~$100 @2015.
    If AMD wins their next Upgrade or APPLE will ANN AMD CPU usage then the stock will fly over $45 min imo.

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