AMD Software Preview Driver May 2022 driver download and discussion

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  1. iakoboss7

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    Sapphire RX 480
    Does this new performance up lift work in polaris?
  2. Krteq

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    MSI RTX 3080 WC
    No major perf. changes on Vega so I assume that uplift is dedicated only to RDNA1/2

    //I mean that optimizations are not applied (/applicable) to GCN etc.
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    Nitro 5700XT/6800M
    So me buying my Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT for $420 in Jan 2020 just 2 months before the crazy started has once again been vindicated. :) Still have my 390, as I like to keep one available in case my current card dies.
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  4. Astyanax

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    GTX 1080ti
    vega and polaris are using the old atidxx umds.

  5. Alessio1989

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    it may worth if you cannot have constant framerate above minimal value used for your screen to adaptive sync.
  6. Thadeus

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    RX 6700 XT Hellfire
    This explains my observation of zero gains compared to 22.5.1.
  7. SpajdrEX

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    Asrock 7900XTX
    This happen with 5600XT card?
    I will need also exact graphic settings you have set.
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    AMD 50th Ann 5700XT
    I don't have any of these problems...but I don't use chrome, I use FF x64 DE. No problems with Windows animations and no slowdowns in opening & closing, minimizing windows, etc. I never use Win11 insider hardware drivers, btw. I've got it set in group policy not to update those, and the setting has carried through with every upgraded build. Now on Win11 22621.100.

    22.5.1 is a WHQL driver which has fixed the problem I was having with enhanced sync with my 6900XT, in the previous beta drivers--last 2 or 3 drivers, IIRC. Was getting visible screen artifacts with E-sync enabled, but apparently it was the beta drivers, all along.

    Installed the May Performance Drivers twice actually, using both a simple upgrade install, and then the factory install, and both times it ended with an error "OOOoops--something went wrong" which is, I think, possibly the most uninformative error message I've ever seen...;) It took running the AMD Cleanup Utility to fix things and allow the performance driver to install. Both times.

    I'm going to stick with 22.5.1, for the time being.
  9. Mott

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    4090 / 6800M
    Holy smokes the performance on this driver for Deathloop (playing with FSR 2.0 Quality 1440p) is TERRIBLE. I get anywhere from 10-30 less FPS depending where I am and it constantly jumps around while 22.5.1 has SIGNIFICANTLY better stability and raw FPS. I was excited for this driver but it looks like they have a very long way to go... The difference is just ridiculous. I went from much lower FPS and just a roller coaster in terms of stability on this driver back to high and stable FPS on 22.5.1... crazy.
  10. Hypernaut

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    5700XT Red Devil
    I bought my Red Devil 5700 XT at the same time for £350. I'm glad I did now. Crazy times.

  11. KissSh0t

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    ASUS RX 470 Strix
    Well, it really was just placebo effect for me.... that sucks.
  12. MerolaC

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    AsRock RX 6700XT
    Sure thing!

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <version value="27" />
        <Tessellation value="3" />
        <LodScale value="1.000000" />
        <PedLodBias value="0.200000" />
        <VehicleLodBias value="0.000000" />
        <ShadowQuality value="3" />
        <ReflectionQuality value="3" />
        <ReflectionMSAA value="0" />
        <SSAO value="2" />
        <AnisotropicFiltering value="16" />
        <MSAA value="2" />
        <MSAAFragments value="0" />
        <MSAAQuality value="0" />
        <SamplingMode value="0" />
        <TextureQuality value="2" />
        <ParticleQuality value="2" />
        <WaterQuality value="2" />
        <GrassQuality value="3" />
        <ShaderQuality value="2" />
        <Shadow_SoftShadows value="4" />
        <UltraShadows_Enabled value="true" />
        <Shadow_ParticleShadows value="true" />
        <Shadow_Distance value="1.000000" />
        <Shadow_LongShadows value="true" />
        <Shadow_SplitZStart value="0.930000" />
        <Shadow_SplitZEnd value="0.890000" />
        <Shadow_aircraftExpWeight value="0.990000" />
        <Shadow_DisableScreenSizeCheck value="false" />
        <Reflection_MipBlur value="true" />
        <FXAA_Enabled value="true" />
        <TXAA_Enabled value="false" />
        <Lighting_FogVolumes value="true" />
        <Shader_SSA value="true" />
        <DX_Version value="2" />
        <CityDensity value="1.000000" />
        <PedVarietyMultiplier value="1.000000" />
        <VehicleVarietyMultiplier value="1.000000" />
        <PostFX value="3" />
        <DoF value="true" />
        <HdStreamingInFlight value="true" />
        <MaxLodScale value="0.000000" />
        <MotionBlurStrength value="0.000000" />
        <numBytesPerReplayBlock value="9000000" />
        <numReplayBlocks value="36" />
        <maxSizeOfStreamingReplay value="1024" />
        <maxFileStoreSize value="65536" />
        <Audio3d value="false" />
        <AdapterIndex value="0" />
        <OutputIndex value="0" />
        <ScreenWidth value="2560" />
        <ScreenHeight value="1440" />
        <RefreshRate value="72" />
        <Windowed value="0" />
        <VSync value="0" />
        <Stereo value="0" />
        <Convergence value="0.100000" />
        <Separation value="1.000000" />
        <PauseOnFocusLoss value="1" />
        <AspectRatio value="0" />
      <VideoCardDescription>AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT</VideoCardDescription>
    This is a copy of the "settings.xml" inside of Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V
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  13. pegasus1

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    TUF 4090
    Some very basic testing on DCS and im seeing about 4% - 8% boost in framerates on a simple ME Mission with not that much else going on.
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  14. rodrigoles

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    Rx 5600 XT
    Have you tested it?
    judging by this video, it doesn't seem like RDNA1 is getting the love:


    Nvidia has this better multithreading "thing" for DX11 coded in the drivers for a decade or so. Do I really need a RDNA2 card to get the same treatment from AMD?
    If so, this is very disappointing.
  15. Chastity

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    Nitro 5700XT/6800M
    I made a post about testing DA:I with the preview driver, and have some very notable improvement, especially in regards to minfps and 1% low... This game once fluctuated between 44 to 60 fps in my test area, and now is a flat pancake at 60fps (on my 4K display using 85% Res Scaling) coupled with a 3600 CPU.

    I suggest doing your own tests instead of relying on what a Youtuber posts. :)
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  16. CPC_RedDawn

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    PNY RTX4090
    Just tested Ryse Son Of Rome and its still a complete mess.

    Low GPU usage, low clocks, and horrible performance.


    just look at the frametime graph and the clocks on the GPU. This is at max settings 1440p and the GPU doesn't even touch 1GHz.

    Crysis Remastered had a nice boost in performance with this driver so I thought maybe Ryse is now playable. Big fat nope.
  17. These preview drivers make Oculus Link unusable (stage movement and ghosting). Oculus Link is fine with 22.5.1. I have a Quest 2 (wired Link) 6600 XT, and Windows 10.

    This happens on both wired and Air Link, V39 on the Quest 2, and both V39 and V40 PTC on the Oculus Rift client.

    This error in the Service log is spammed a bit and implies AVC/H.264 with these drivers is changed in some way:

    Unable to get H264 fixed slice mode support: 11
    RuneScape (RS3, NXT, OpenGL) also has unexpected stuttering and lower FPS with these preview drivers, compared to Linux (haven't tried 22.5.1 on Windows). I've done nothing to really debug this aside from making sure I had the same in-game settings and GPU clocks.

    Had this happen as well on 10 (10.0.19044) with these drivers, and oddly even with the 22.5.1 driver.

    Went to "C:\Program Files\AMD\CIM\Log\Install.log", saw some MSIX package fail, ran the command it mentioned in the log, and I was missing "Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00.UWPDesktop". Went here, got Microsoft.VCLibs.x64.14.00.Desktop.appx, installed it through Powershell, the command worked, and the AMD installer worked fine on its own after that too.

    That 1603 error code could mean a few different things, but check the log to be sure.
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  18. The Creator

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    Hellhound 7900XT
    I have no missing libs. My problem is:
    ERROR The driver install of C:\AMD\AMD-Software-Preview-Driver-May-2022\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\U0379221.INF has failed. Error code returned: 0x0000000D. Corresponding HRESULT code: 0x8007000D. For more details, please see which is located in %SystemRoot%\inf
    >>>  [Device Install (DiInstallDriver) - C:\WINDOWS\System32\AMD\amdfendr\amdfendr.inf]
    >>>  Section start 2022/05/14 15:19:48.253
          cmd: atieclxx
         ndv: Flags: 0x00000000
         ndv: INF path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\AMD\amdfendr\amdfendr.inf
         dvs: {DrvSetupInstallDriver - C:\WINDOWS\System32\AMD\amdfendr\amdfendr.inf}
         dvs:      Flags: 0x00000000
         dvs:      {Driver Setup Import Driver Package: C:\WINDOWS\System32\AMD\amdfendr\amdfendr.inf} 15:19:48.290
         sto:           {Copy Driver Package: C:\WINDOWS\System32\AMD\amdfendr\amdfendr.inf} 15:19:48.294
         sto:                Driver Package = C:\WINDOWS\System32\AMD\amdfendr\amdfendr.inf
         sto:                Flags          = 0x00000007
         sto:                Destination    = C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}
         sto:                Copying driver package files to 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}'.
         flq:                {FILE_QUEUE_COMMIT} 15:19:48.303
         flq:                     Copying 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\AMD\amdfendr\amdfendrmgr.sys' to 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\amdfendrmgr.sys'.
         flq:                     Copying 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\AMD\amdfendr\' to 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\'.
         flq:                     Copying 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\AMD\amdfendr\amdfendr.inf' to 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\amdfendr.inf'.
         flq:                     Copying 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\AMD\amdfendr\amdfendr.sys' to 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\amdfendr.sys'.
         flq:                     Copying 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\AMD\amdfendr\amdfendrsr.ex_' to 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\amdfendrsr.exe'.
         flq:                {FILE_QUEUE_COMMIT - exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:48.783
         sto:           {Copy Driver Package: exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:48.784
         ump:           Import flags: 0x00000000
         pol:           {Driver package policy check} 15:19:48.813
         pol:           {Driver package policy check - exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:48.814
         sto:           {Stage Driver Package: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\amdfendr.inf} 15:19:48.815
         inf:                Provider       = AMD
         inf:                Class GUID     = {4d36e97d-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
         inf:                Driver Version = 12/06/2021,
         inf:                Catalog File   =
         inf:                Version Flags  = 0x00000041
         inf:                {Query Configurability: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\amdfendr.inf} 15:19:48.822
         inf:                     Driver package uses WDF.
         inf:                     Driver package 'amdfendr.inf' is configurable.
         inf:                {Query Configurability: exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:48.825
         flq:                {FILE_QUEUE_COMMIT} 15:19:48.826
         flq:                     Copying 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\amdfendrmgr.sys' to 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\Temp\{1d2d0162-2dd9-1b45-87fa-59a0f60e0498}\amdfendrmgr.sys'.
         flq:                     Copying 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\' to 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\Temp\{1d2d0162-2dd9-1b45-87fa-59a0f60e0498}\'.
         flq:                     Copying 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\amdfendr.inf' to 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\Temp\{1d2d0162-2dd9-1b45-87fa-59a0f60e0498}\amdfendr.inf'.
         flq:                     Copying 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\amdfendr.sys' to 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\Temp\{1d2d0162-2dd9-1b45-87fa-59a0f60e0498}\amdfendr.sys'.
         flq:                     Copying 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\{53960f91-8fc9-ce44-bbfc-102b974a5028}\amdfendrsr.exe' to 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\Temp\{1d2d0162-2dd9-1b45-87fa-59a0f60e0498}\amdfendrsr.exe'.
         flq:                {FILE_QUEUE_COMMIT - exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:49.294
         sto:                {DRIVERSTORE IMPORT VALIDATE} 15:19:49.295
         sig:                     Driver package catalog is valid.
         sig:                     {_VERIFY_FILE_SIGNATURE} 15:19:49.308
         sig:                          Key      = amdfendr.inf
         sig:                          FilePath = C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\Temp\{1d2d0162-2dd9-1b45-87fa-59a0f60e0498}\amdfendr.inf
         sig:                          Catalog  = C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\Temp\{1d2d0162-2dd9-1b45-87fa-59a0f60e0498}\
         sig:                          Success: File is signed in catalog.
         sig:                     {_VERIFY_FILE_SIGNATURE exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:49.313
         sto:                {DRIVERSTORE IMPORT VALIDATE: exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:49.599
         sig:                Signer Score  = 0x0D000005 (WHQL)
         sig:                Signer Name   = Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher
         sig:                Submission ID = 30001810_14394295992936489_1152921505694284039
         sto:                {Core Driver Package Import: amdfendr.inf_amd64_090b9f5adef247c0} 15:19:49.599
         sto:                     {DRIVERSTORE IMPORT BEGIN} 15:19:49.599
         sto:                     {DRIVERSTORE IMPORT BEGIN: exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:49.599
         cpy:                     {Copy Directory: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\Temp\{1d2d0162-2dd9-1b45-87fa-59a0f60e0498}} 15:19:49.615
         cpy:                          Target Path = C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\amdfendr.inf_amd64_090b9f5adef247c0
         cpy:                     {Copy Directory: exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:49.662
         idb:                     {Register Driver Package: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\amdfendr.inf_amd64_090b9f5adef247c0\amdfendr.inf} 15:19:49.709
         idb:                          Created driver package object 'amdfendr.inf_amd64_090b9f5adef247c0' in SYSTEM database node.
         idb:                          Created driver INF file object 'oem49.inf' in SYSTEM database node.
         idb:                          Registered driver package 'amdfendr.inf_amd64_090b9f5adef247c0' with 'oem49.inf'.
         idb:                     {Register Driver Package: exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:49.709
         idb:                     {Publish Driver Package: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\amdfendr.inf_amd64_090b9f5adef247c0\amdfendr.inf} 15:19:49.709
         idb:                          Activating driver package 'amdfendr.inf_amd64_090b9f5adef247c0'.
         cpy:                          Published 'amdfendr.inf_amd64_090b9f5adef247c0\amdfendr.inf' to 'oem49.inf'.
         idb:                          Indexed 2 device IDs for 'amdfendr.inf_amd64_090b9f5adef247c0'.
         sto:                          Flushed driver database node 'SYSTEM'. Time = 110 ms
         idb:                     {Publish Driver Package: exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:49.831
         sto:                     {DRIVERSTORE IMPORT END} 15:19:49.850
         dvi:                          Flushed all driver package files to disk. Time = 109 ms
         sig:                          Installed catalog '' as ''.
         sto:                          {Reflect Driver Package: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\amdfendr.inf_amd64_090b9f5adef247c0\amdfendr.inf}
         sto:                               Flags          = 0x0000047F
         dvi:                               {Configure Device: ROOT\AMDLOG\0000}
         dvi:                                    Device Instance Id = ROOT\AMDLOG\0000
         dvi:                                    Updating existing device instance.
         dvi:                                    Marked device for re-installation.
         dvi:                               {Configure Device: exit(0x00000000)}
         flq:                               {FILE_QUEUE_COMMIT} 15:19:50.647
         flq:                               {FILE_QUEUE_COMMIT - exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:50.647
         sto:                          {Reflect Driver Package: exit(0x00000000)}
         dvi:                          {Install Root Device: ROOT\AMDLOG\0000} 15:19:50.647
         dvi:                               {Register Device - ROOT\AMDLOG\0000}
         dvi:                               {Register Device - exit(0x00000000)}
         dvi:                               Install Device: Setting up device. 15:19:50.647
         dvi:                               Install Device: Setting up device completed. 15:19:50.647
         dvi:                          {Install Root Device: exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:50.647
         sto:                     {DRIVERSTORE IMPORT END: exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:50.647
         sto:                {Core Driver Package Import: exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:50.647
         sto:           {Stage Driver Package: exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:50.647
         dvs:           Driver Package:
         dvs:                Outcome        - Imported
         dvs:                Driver INF     - amdfendr.inf (oem49.inf)
         dvs:                Class GUID     - {4d36e97d-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
         dvs:                Driver Version - 12/06/2021,
         dvs:      {Driver Setup Import Driver Package - exit (0x00000000)} 15:19:50.701
         dvs:      {Driver Setup Update Device: ROOT\AMDLOG\0000} 15:19:50.712
         utl:           {Select Drivers - ROOT\AMDLOG\0000} 15:19:50.714
         utl:                Driver Node:
         utl:                     Status         - Selected | Installed
         utl:                     Driver INF     - oem16.inf (C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\amdfendr.inf_amd64_dd6924b1303c8010\amdfendr.inf)
         utl:                     Class GUID     - {4d36e97d-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
         utl:                     Driver Version - 02/24/2022,
         utl:                     Configuration  - ROOT\AMDLOG [AMDFENDR_INSTALL]
         utl:                     Driver Rank    - 00FF0000
         utl:                     Signer Score   - WHQL (0D000005)
         utl:                     Submission ID  - 30001810_13939581722735854_1152921505694592537
         utl:                Driver Node:
         utl:                     Status         - Outranked
         utl:                     Driver INF     - oem49.inf (C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\amdfendr.inf_amd64_090b9f5adef247c0\amdfendr.inf)
         utl:                     Class GUID     - {4d36e97d-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
         utl:                     Driver Version - 12/06/2021,
         utl:                     Configuration  - ROOT\AMDLOG
         utl:                     Driver Rank    - 00FF0000
         utl:                     Signer Score   - WHQL (0D000005)
         utl:                     Submission ID  - 30001810_14394295992936489_1152921505694284039
         utl:           {Select Drivers - exit(0x00000000} 15:19:50.723
         dvs:           Device does not need an update.
    !    dvs:           No better matching drivers found for device 'ROOT\AMDLOG\0000'.
         dvs:      {Driver Setup Update Device - exit(0x00000000)} 15:19:50.725
    !    dvs:      No devices were updated.
         dvs: {DrvSetupInstallDriver - exit(00000103)}
    <<<  Section end 2022/05/14 15:19:50.757
    <<<  [Exit status: FAILURE(0x00000103)]

    It looks like a fake error. I have the driver installed properly. I think that I started to have some weird detections of devices some time ago because of my Logitech G19 keyboard. In this case, I had to unplug and plug it during AMD driver installation. Otherwise, the installation hangs during blinking the screen. So weird!
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  19. Astyanax

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    GTX 1080ti
    delete C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\<contents>
  20. The Creator

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    Hellhound 7900XT
    On a bright new installed Windows? I'm sure that somehow my problem is caused by my Logitech G19 keyboard.

    I have to unplug and plug it back almost every time during any AMD driver installation. Sometimes I don't have to do it even for the same driver. It happens randomly.

    When I have time I will try to install AMD drivers before the Logitech software for the mouse and the keyboard. Or to install it with a different keyboard. I think it's a kind of compatibility problem or my keyboard is malfunctioning.
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