AMD Ryzen 7 3750X Spotted - Has a TDP of 105 watts

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Oct 17, 2019.

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    Recently we have seen some OEM specific Ryzen 3000 announcements, there might be one more inbound as we do not see this one end up in retail, a Ryzen 7 3750X showed up in a recent product master list...

    AMD Ryzen 7 3750X Spotted - Has a TDP of 105 watts
  2. nevcairiel

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    Isn't the 3800X already a 3700X with 105W TDP?

    I suppose it'll have lower clocks then 3800X because the silicon didn't cooperate.
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    It's a 3800x that didn't quite make it. ;)

    I bet the volume will be small, and they will sell it mainly to OEMs.
  4. bobblunderton

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    It's just AMD making a cpu slightly better than 3700x but not quite the promise of a 3800x, to replace both SKU's. This is also because many of the good 8-core dies used on the 3800x will go now to the 3950x 16-core chip. So whatever doesn't quite go for the 3950x, and isn't bad enough to have to cut 2 cores & be a 6-core in the 3900x/3900-OEM or 3500/3600/3600x, will be 3750x, and likely you will stop seeing the 3800x and possibly the 3700x too.
    But won't that over-saturate the market with too many product tiers too close?
    No, it's not for that, it's because 'this is what the yields dictate' and since this is a new process, and they're trying to get them to market VERY quickly to satisfy very STRONG demand, this is what's resulted.
    So it might be just a bit better than the 3700x, at a slightly higher TDP, without previous promises of 3700x or 3800x, so while not as power efficient, it can still put the clocks up at 105w. Good use of slightly less perfect dies than 3700x.

    Don't get me wrong I love power efficiency; but if you have central AC even in the summer 105w isn't too bad when it gets done with what it needs to do quick enough.

    Not enough dies to make 3700x class of chip at 65w, not quite good clocker enough (too 'leaky') for 3800x, but will do 3700x speeds or a little better at 105w, now you have 3750x. So to clarify, this is more yields dictating what chips we will get to satiate the market conditions, not just jamming products in places that aren't truly gaps in the first place.

    I would happily buy a 105w chip no issue if it's the right price. My 3700x stomps all over the 4790k at 4.4ghz I used to use for FIVE years, overclocks itself fast enough without PBO. It's more then adequate, it's awesome, and it's a great price.

    Thank-you AMD. I will purchase future Ryzen products and chip-sets without hesitation - one caveat however, let's just make sure we can put a 3750x on a 570/550A (B450 w/3000 series support OOB) board without a BIOS update.

    *OOB = out of box (from 'OOBE' or Out Of Box Experience).

  5. Fox2232

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    There is market for 65W desktop CPUs. Even for 45W. I am sure AMD will not abandon 3700X without replacement.

    AMD is just making product name under which they can sell chips that are not fitting under other product names. (Exactly as you wrote.)
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    All these lower clock skews are telling me we won't see a thin bin competitor to the 9900KS this generation ie no 3850x. All signs pointing to TSMC's process immaturity but hey at least they can make chips. So my 1800x will live on until I snag a Zen3 CPU next year. My assumption is the 7nm+ process will allow substantially higher clocks along with all the tweaks AMD made for Zen3 we should finally have a chip that can beat the 9900KS across the board. Oh well here's to hoping Zen3 gets x370 BIOS support which I know is unlikely.
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  7. Kool64

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    I think we'll be lucky if Zen 3 is supported on 4xx boards TBH.
  8. barbacot

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    I won't be so sure if THIS rumor is right:
    I think that it's fake - 5.2 seems a bit excessive for air cooling and if these are binned forced to maximum clock chips then from where this 200 Mhz on air - on liquid 5.5 ???
  9. NewTRUMP Order

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    Found this thought.....(COULD BE ARTICLE)
    A variant with two chiplets instead of one, each having four cores apiece. That would mean double the L3 cache and a unique performance profile. It’s also possible that this is a custom chip, designed with a partner company in mind, like the Ryzen 3780U and 3580U we saw in Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop 3.

    In any case, we would expect the CPU to cost somewhere between the 3700X and 3800X, or around $350 if it does go on sale to the general public.

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