AMD Ryzen 5 5600X and planet coaster

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by max2, Dec 25, 2020.

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    Does anyone have this processor and ever play this game?

    What kind of fps do you get in a filled up park with say 5000 to 9000 guests not on pause?

    If you don't have the game and you have this processor or faster i guess I will gift the base game to you if you feel like downloading and installing it to find out. If not big big deal.

    Plus you have to download a large park from steam workshop with 5000 to 9000 guests already.

    Basically what I am trying to find out if upgrading to a AMD Ryzen 5 5600X from a Intel i7 7700k is worth it for Planet Coaster.
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    RX 5700 XT
    Hey whats up. I dont have the game but I just installed my new 5600X yesterday and am really impressed with it, overall it has surpassed my expectations. I wouldnt mind testing the game out for you if you want.
  3. Kool64

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    What video card do you have?
  4. Chess

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    As Kool64 might adres: having a 7700k, you might be better of upgrading your GPU, since the 7700k is still capable.
    The problem is, neither is in stock nor at MSRP. Upgrading at this time is not recommended until you absolutely have to.

    In terms of pure performance: the 5600x wipes the floor with the 7700k in all cases. But that doesn't say that a 7700k won't serve you well for quite some time to come.

  5. bobblunderton

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    As Chess said, the 7700k is a decent chip yet, if only 'limited' to being a quad core - in quotes because only some software/games take advantage of extra cores.
    I reckon while Ryzen is faster, it depends how new the games are and what special instruction sets they use, and how patches due to intel security vulnerabilities have hampered the performance on your system.

    It won't be a night and day difference, but there will definitely be a small bump in performance.
    If when you run Planet Coaster and your software (such as MSI Afterburner, or HWINFO64 to name two) says you're maxing out your processor, you might be helped by an upgrade, especially if planet coaster does use multiple cores. However, if CPU use rarely goes above 75%~85%, and the video card is at 100%, then you should indeed get a video upgrade.
    If this is a directX 11 or older title, you may be limited by a single core that's maxing out with variable loads on the remainder of the cores (up to however many cores the game can use). If that is so, it's likely a draw calls limitation of the game engine (a single thread handing off rendering jobs tens or hundreds of thousands of times a second), and while you would gain performance from the upgrade, it may only be 15~30% depending on the performance of your current system.

    That said, that 7700k isn't over the hill yet. Provided you have reasonable expectations, then you should be okay with it for a bit yet. I would generally advise to hold out until hardware stock levels are a bit better so you can get a good deal.
    If your 7700k is overclocked, you will gain even less from an upgrade for obvious reasons.
    Again, I would wait a bit before upgrading - but if you have got the upgrade itch like many folks here, it's up to you if you wish to make the leap.

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