AMD RX Vega Shown Against GTX 1080 at Budapest Event

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 19, 2017.

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    I red somewhere that the $ delta between monitors was 200$...

    AMD has some serious problems if they plan to sell a 1080 perf card on 700$ :infinity:
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    Am i the only person who is neither surprised, nor really disappointed by this event?

    AMD pull these shenanigans all the time, it happened with the original Bulldozer release, it happened with the Fury X, and its happening again now.

    I *really* want AMD to find the success they need to keep their competition honest and driving the innovation we all want as consumers, but as soon as they started introducing variables they can essentially blame for less-than-expected results, i lost interest in RX Vega.

    It's sad, really. I plan to go with Ryzen for my next system build, would have been nice to have a legitimate reason to support AMD's GPU's other than "to stick it to the big mean nvidia folks".

    Oh well, there's always the next generation.
  4. Brasky

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    Ditto, they are releasing a product to compete with nvidia's products from 1.5 years ago and even then it doesn't actually compete. just a rough job with the GPU's.

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    Don't know but I just have the feeling that we still have not seen the best of it. I just remember Ryzen launch as they actually anounced >+50% IPC perf. increase instead of <40% as the internet comunity was boiling about and instanly everaybody was like :nerd:.
    My personal idea is that they just used some Vega Frontier Edition cards nothing more nothing less and need to give credit to those that say that we (and AMD) just lost the time with these events (except looking at those babes ofcourse:nerd:). Why are they hidding these cards so well? The real RX VEGA may not be ready or the drivers are not fully stable and I think is maybe due to be showned at the next event!

    Btw, what happend in Portland?
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    I wonder how long until a single overclocked AIO card surpasses 150% of 1080ti running at 2000mhz. Because that's when I upgrade. I saved 3 months for the 1080ti so soon as something legit is on the horizon I'll stick a couple hundred by for 3 months again.

    My ultimate dream is The witcher 2 with ubersampling at 60fps ultra 4K
    Also latest Tomb Raider with SSAA 60fps ultra 4K

    The witcher 3 pretty much does 4k 60 ultra most of the time or so close you don't notice but it has no SS

    Need about 50-60% performance to do this.
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    There wasn't anywhere near as much fuss made about the happenings in the Portland event and fewer people gave reports from there. However Reddit says they did the same blind test from Budapest over three days AND they announced which was the Vega build and which was the Nvidia at the end of the event (with still no confirmation of the exact cards/monitors used in either). Scuttlebutt has the smoother computer as being the Vega one.

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