AMD Reports First Quarter 2017 Financial Results - Revenue Has Ryzen

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, May 2, 2017.

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    Who cares how well their revenue for this last quarter compared. Their cash and cash equivalents was down 25%. That is a huge decline. They are not out of the woods yet. Next quarter will either signal they have the cash flow under control or they are in an uncontrollable decent. Here's to hoping they are pulling out of the dive.
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    Ah yeah, I guess I read that fast and didn't realize what you were saying.
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    Intel has been successful for years now where AMD has not as far as CPUs go dating back to the Core2 CPUs. To me in order for RIP Intel it would take AMD just as long or longer to get their market share that they lost. Yeah it great for AMD to be on the right track for success with the Ryzen CPUs. Also in the Mobile market in order for them to be successful is to make mobile chips that are 6C/8T and 8C 16T before Intel does it.
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    Are you really that naive ?
    How much you think it would take to ramp up production for Vega and Ryzen chips ? AMD pay several thousands $ for each silicone wafer, pay more for testing and packaging and it takes several months before they get that investment back. They probably have now 300+ millions in chips for Vega, Ryzen and Naples alone, not including all other Polaris chips, SOC, etc.

    It takes about 6 months turnaround to get back what you paid for each chip.

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    AMD in my opinion needs mobile first more than ever, trying to build trust and relationships with the server groups and IT people will take more time and a much more stable platform than Ryzen has shown itself to be so far.

    Desktop sales are niche these days, even businesses are buying laptops or dog bottom Intel i3 chips; with a lot of the computing and heavy lifting being done on the servers (cloud, etc).

    I know it's hard for people in these forums that live and die by a few FPS difference on a graph, but in the big-boy world a platform's stability, reliability, cost (including power) and long term support are what count; and AMD have yet to show that with Ryzen so far. Just look at the lack of support from HP, Dell, etc. And that's what investors see here.

    So in summary, Ryzen performs great (much better than expected even), but stability, long term support, and support from vendors aren't there. Ryzen has shown itself to be perhaps a viable alternative to some Intel offerings, but not a reason to go away from Intel.

    More reading:
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    Nobody in these threads doesn't seem to understand that AMD actually is profitable. Since they do have a debt they intend to pay off (they paid almost a billion off of it, earlier than they should last year), they won't post profitability. It would be stupid to do so, because then they would be paying taxes.

    Check their actual cash flow. Not only they are profitable, they invest 300+ million dollars around.

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