AMD reponds to Ryzen 5000 desktop processor shortages

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Nov 10, 2020.

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    Except AMD "budget cpu" never beat equivalent Intel 2yrs ago. It's not the exact opposite tbh.

    What we're really seeing is a node divide, with AMD having access to the smaller node. The playing field isn't level. We can only judge based on what is available right now. It's far from an indication of what will happen once everyone is on the same node or better.
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    But that's the thing, there are products being sold, just not where you are. Like I said, just because you're not getting it, doesn't make it a paper launch.
    You're right, Intel does have decent choices, but they don't have anything captivating either. It's all old tech at a lower price. I've heavily considered going Intel because the 10700K has a better price for similar performance than the 5800X, but it's also more power hungry and uses PCIe 3.0.
    You're not crazy, your frustration is just misplaced. I sympathize with the problem, but there's a big difference between "this sucks, I was really hoping to get this on launch day" vs "this is AMD's fault and a publicity stunt" (I know you didn't say that, but when you call something a paper launch, that's what you're implying). We as a society are so caught up in pointing fingers at others, when sometimes, life just sucks.
    This isn't me showing bias to AMD either, because despite the fact Nvidia's numbers seem to be worse, I wouldn't say it's a paper launch on their end either. I wish both companies were more transparent about production numbers though.
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    Haven't been able to buy on release (sold out before i completed purchase), not gonna buy at inflated price neither.
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    And here we go again :rolleyes:

    Feel free to disagree but lets forget that:
    -Covid is a thing ,many are working from home and there are still people acting like it is not there.
    Ignoring social distancing and not wearing a mask...
    -Scalpers are buying up huge stocks.
    Dumb people still buying from them and places like Amazon and Ebay does nothing to prevent it.
    -Miners are buying up huge stocks. This is mostly GPUs but result is same.
    Thou I think they will be even more noticeable when RX6000 launches.

    Still even thou I could not get either a RTX 3090 or 5900X on launch day, I still do not think it was paper launches.
    A paper launch means for me that there are no available at all or just a few samples.
    Some people will still say it was because they could not get what they wanted,
    but they are a minority because most people do not care and just buys something else or waits.

    First world problems? o_O
    It is 2020 and there are still happening things in the world that should not happen at all. :(
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    It is a paper launch, easy to find excuses.
    I go to amazon (biggest online shop), 0 ryzen 5k processors. Says it all, no need for other bshite.

    And I remember amd ceo saying there will be no stock issues, more bshite.

    Just wait to see their radeon cards, same paper balls launch, just like nvidia.

    Blame it on scalpers? huge stock by scalpers? ya right, since the shops barely got 20-30 pieces to sell...
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    Ye.. there are some left overs here and there of chips 'no one' wants, but having 1 of 4 chips available is not what i call a great stock.

    Or am i supposed to buy a 5600 coz there is no 5900? Ofc not.

    We are yet to see how long it takes to the next batch to arrive. I will lmao if it takes a month.

    Dont want to call it paper launch to be less dramatic? Call it a extremely limited edition 5900x launch.

    Anyway, already beat this dead horse way more than i needed to. Peace out.
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    while I'm going to win no favors over this I will say I got a 5900x on launch day. Supply must have not been that bad or maybe I'm just really good at hitting refresh. Based on how many people seem to be posting on the AMD subreddit about their 5000 series CPUs I think demand is just high.
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    I got one without difficulties (5950X) on day one - it was a one cpu per customer limit - but the stock was up for three days - and the price dropped in the second day to MSRP + 10 euro and the limit was removed.
    Now it is also here out of stock - the only one in stock is 5800X - without limits and 10+ in stock.
    Funny thing - X570 boards are out of stock here - especially high end...- and also memory with high frequency and low latency - I searched for a week a 32 GB 3600 Mhz kit with CL16...CL18 and 19 everywhere but not CL16

    RTX3080 - I tried to buy one and no success - a store asked me for a 30% advance payment and a three weeks waiting period without any guarantee that I will have it...- now THIS is a paper launch...
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    Okay but on the flipside I know multiple people with 3080s that couldn't get a 5k series - so idk how long that has to go before it's considered matched. That's not to mention that the RTX 3000 series launched with two SKUs, one of which being outside of the normal pricepoint of 95% of consumers - so really just one, relatively big chip (which you'd expect less yields from) So is the 3xxx really a paper launch? Don't think you're going to know until Nvidia posts it's quarterly results. And even when those results come in and meet/match projections - I'm willing to bet the majority on Guru3D will sing the same tune regardless.

    To me the issue with all of this seems to just be demand, Phil Spencer recently gave an interview about the Series X and even he says they are supply strained and that the demand for gaming products right now is several times higher than it is normally due to COVID.
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    Ryzen 9 5950X / RTX 3080... :(

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  11. CPC_RedDawn

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    Here is my position at OCUK!

    Ordered around 9pm on release day as I was stuck at work all day.
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    Keep us updated bro.. plz
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    Could be worse, my nephew sold his RTX 2070 Super 2 days before the 3080 launch, ordered the ASUS TUF RTX 3080 around mid day on the launch day, got a email he was around 1800 in the queue, 2 months have passed and he got another email to say he is 1207 after 2 month for ordering on the launch day! That means it's going down by 300 a month, so at this rate for ordering on day 1 he will get it in 6 months or half a year that's truly disgusting.

    I am laughing at him cause he only had his 2070 super for 2 months when i built his computer and he is waiting 3x longer for the new card than he had his old card for, that and i told him not to sell it in till he gets the new one, of course he ignored me, much like i told him to call me when he got his AIO 240 and i will do it for him, but he tried it and fried his motherboard or that his 600w psu with a 6 rails, the amps was only 16 per rail which seemed lacking, while the CPU was fine as was running furmark that was fine with the graphics card but when playing games and load was put on the CPU and GPU the system will shut off. But hey the salesman said it was from here on out i am not giving any advice out i am sick of being ignored i'll just wait till they fk it up and have them come crawling.* Sorry rant over i am just frustrated*
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    All the 5600X CPUs sold out here and stores were selling them for 430€ ($508). Not by individual scalpers, mind you, but by actual stores who work with AMD.

    The 5600X is supposed to cost 312€.
  15. Junglist724

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    5900x and 5950x sold out in less than 1 minute here.

  16. ZXRaziel

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    Oh my ....
    Yes let's throw a massive tantrum like a 3 year old in a sweets shop because mama said NO !
    It was said before the launch that there will be shortages, is this really such a big deal ?
    If your life depends on getting the latest newest toy I feel sorry for you ,
    The sane people will just wait until there is enough stock , if it takes two months I will wait for two months but i will not be the village idiot that paid over the top to some greedy scalper .
    The state of this world , it's embarrassing .....
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    I ordered Asus RTX 3090 Strix OC for customer build and I'm 800th in queue hahaha in OCUK if I get that card by end of the year, not sure, friend is deciding if he cancel the order and will wait for 6900XT

    I'm sure I will get 5900X or 5950X later on just not now, I will be not paying above MSRP and ssems OCUK raised prices for AMD CPUs, bastards :mad:

    Thanks, Jura
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    The state of this world , it's embarrassing .....

    A random guy in a forum entitled enough to say what must be a big deal and what not for the rest of the world.

    Power to the SJW.
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    This is what I call customer service, sending an e-mail with your exact queue position.

    I had to contact customer service at the store I ordered the 5800X & 5900X and almost beg for my queue spot.
    5th place for the 5800X (which I ordered first) and 274th for the 5900X.
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    (Available, delivery tomorrow. More than 5 pieces.)

    That much for Biggest online shop which is belittled by local Czech shop. You can't buy, well I could get some new Ryzens every day since launch. I always managed to find some somewhere at MSRP.

    "Where is the will, there is the way." And it goes both ways. If someone wants to "bshite" as you wrote, they'll do so no matter where truth is.
    = = = =
    "Hey guys, is Walmart biggest US shopping chain? How does it happen they do not sell Humvees?"
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