AMD Removed RDNA 3 Efficiency Comparison to RTX 4090 from slide deck

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  1. They sound like they finally got serious enough about it with dual encoders on RDNA3 if I heard right from some pre-release slide.

    I liked that with D2R I could run max settings at 4K with quality DLSS without issue with a 3060. I haven't bothered with a FSR hack yet, but in D2R I have to drop Environment details to low if I want other settings maxed at 4K with a 6600 XT. I liked being able to set and forget the DLSS option, vs having to find what graphical detail I really could live without that had the most performance impact.

    AMD broke VR for several months and driver releases since 22.5.2, and has had numerous encoder oddities revealed since Quest 2 came out, the latest being not able to use above 100Mbps on HEVC between 22.5.1-22.10.2. You can't even do HEVC properly on RX 580 today (all of Polaris really) without using 20.10.1 drivers from back in October 2020. And even with the top-end RDNA2 card now, you aren't getting the most performance out of a Quest 2 headset no matter how many frames you're rendering the game at because the encoder can't keep up without either a lower refresh rate and FPS (72Hz) along with seeing the panel flicker, or vaseline-on-the-eyes blur everywhere with a lower encode resolution when trying to reach the ideal-minimum 90Hz for VR in-general, or even more vaseline at the 120Hz needed for the lowest latency with Oculus's process. You can't use AMD GPUs at all with Varjo headsets, and apparently not Pimax 8KX DMAS either.

    AMD has earned their rep with VR and I can't recommend them for that outside of gambling or settling.
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    I'm not actually, I'd rather get a 7700[XT] since it will probably be faster and cheaper. The 6700XT is just my "control group". Whatever I get will be compared to that. I have no intention to buy it used, not for $300 anyway.

    Of the benchmarks you showed where the 6700XT falls behind in 4K, at least 3 of them are known to be poorly optimized no matter what you use, so I have to draw the line somewhere - I'm not waiting several more years to play a game that's barely playable on a $700 GPU.
    As stated before, I'm using Linux, where AMD does much better. For example, Hitman 3 with ultra settings in 4K yields a whopping 81FPS for the 6700 XT. That's nearly double what it gets in Windows. Bear in mind, there is no native binary for that game. That means no driver optimizations for it, and yet, it runs much better.

    There's a reason I rarely ever recommend AMD to Windows users, and rarely ever recommend Nvidia to Linux users.

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