AMD Releases Catalyst 12.1 Preview - Download & Discussion

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by Radier, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. ipredator

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    12.1 modded for Mobility?
    And with HD3D they pretty much mean Tridef don't they?
  2. Wag

    Wag Guest

    What do I set the "AMD Crossfire-X mode" to for my Tri-Fire 2GB unlocked 6950s?
  3. bighead147

    bighead147 Guest

    This drivers is very bad,i played BF3 on my overclocked card and i had in one mission 26 fps when i looked at the enemies without fight. And the same scene with 18 november i had 29-28 fps. Sorry for bad english :)

    EDIT:This driver is for mobility card too.
  4. skyrim is running cool!, bf3 is running without problems too, i suspect latest patch decreased its useless to count it again

  5. asder00

    asder00 Guest

    Already supported.
  6. Russ369

    Russ369 Guest

    yeah man, make a file called "user.cfg", copy that line into the file, save the file into ur Battlefield 3 folder


    DO NOT USE THE 11.11 CAPS with these drivers! It kills performance and messes up certain games!

    (eg. In Saints Row 3, game CFX performance is broken when using 12.1 + 11.11 CAP3... I uninstalled the cap, performance is back to normal (60fps)!
  7. ipredator

    ipredator Guest

    Kk thanks a lot :)

    So did anyone test if this enables Crossfire when using Tridef? Or do they mean something else with HD3D?
  8. Del_Boy

    Del_Boy Guest

    well aren't we the lucky one, ive just stuck my card on ebay and going green, ive had enough of this flickering.


    Mod Edit: The same rant again.

    del_boy Edit: Oh hi rflair, not a rant. Go pick on ranters who don't have a reason to.
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  9. Pill Monster

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    OK bye. [​IMG]
  10. mercury228

    mercury228 Guest

    How do we create a custom config file? Can you explain it to me like I am a 6 year old:)

  11. Elder III

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    I'm not sure if I understand the question? Are you asking if CrossfireX should be enabled in CCC, or are you asking what 3D settings to enable for Skyrim in CCC? Either way I am running a single HD 6970 and getting great performance, so you can always play the game with just one GPU if you need to (yes, I know that's not ideal of course).
  12. Marcin89

    Marcin89 Guest

    I created profile for a game and its not working -.-
  13. Russ369

    Russ369 Guest

    for battlefield?

    Step 1: Open notepad, rename the file "user.cfg" (Make sure you change the extension to .cfg from .txt for it to become a config file)

    Step 2: Open the new config file and paste in the line

    RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1

    into it, save.

    Step 3: Take that user.cfg file and paste it into your Battlefield 3 game directory.

    Thats it.
  14. vejn

    vejn Guest

    Is it preferable to use Ati tray tools with this driver ?
  15. mercury228

    mercury228 Guest

    Yeah for BF3 thanks! Does this help with stuttering caused by the game using 100% cpu? Mine works fine with every game I have, but sine BF 3 patched its been going to 100% cpu after playing for awhile. Dumb question but where is the BF3 file I have to put it into?
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  16. mtdew332

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    edited for a brain fart post.
  17. COOPOD

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  18. Russ369

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    Origin Games\Battlefield 3
  19. chispy

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    Excellent driver !!! Tested on NFS HP , DiRT 2 , DiRT 3 , NFS The Run. Increase of FPS across all those games. W 7 x64bit , i was using old 11.10 drivers.
  20. AbjectBlitz

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