AMD Releases Catalyst 12.1 Preview - Download & Discussion

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by Radier, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Russ369

    Russ369 Guest

    Ah just saw the 11.12 thread

    12.1 still doesnt have the same performance in SR3 as the 11.11c drivers did... Maybe its a Cap issue? Cuz I was using CAP2 and it was fine, didnt test with CAP3 tho maybe thats the problem...
  2. Wag

    Wag Guest

    AMD Overdrive appears to be screwed up for me here. If I try and bump the power-level up to 20% for my second unlocked 6950 when I press "apply" it will always go right down to "0". Don't ask me why. I did a total driver-wipe too.
  3. AdamPI

    AdamPI Guest

    No? 12.1 includes everything 11.12 does, plus 11.11c optimizations which did not make it into 11.12.
  4. asder00

    asder00 Guest

    Windows XP link

  5. Russ369

    Russ369 Guest

    Yeah I misread it tho...

    Why does SR3 performance suck with these drivers tho?
  6. Del_Boy

    Del_Boy Guest

    still got flickering textures in skyrim, looks like they not gonna fix this, there are a huge amount of people having this problem and AMD couldn't careless, question is what do we do now ?
  7. ukpicky

    ukpicky Guest

    Stopped the micro stutters that where happening to me, really noticed the differance driving across the maps

    RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1

    Thanks again Russ369
  8. Rich_Guy

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    The 11.12 WHQL driver doesn't contain the 11.11c optimizations, as they are older drivers, these 12.1 previews are the very latest, as only 5 days old :)

    11.12 WHQL = 9th November

    11.11c = 30th November

    12.1 Preview = 8th December.
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  9. mtdew332

    mtdew332 Guest

    LOL, got it after re-reading it about 4 times.
    Kinda felt a bit dyslexic on that one.

    The way profiles are implemented is clunky at best.
    Like i wanted to just "tweak" the pre-defined Skyrim profile to force 16x aniso,and it doesn't let you do that, you either override the entire default profile or stick with what AMD has for the pre-defined profile.
    It would be a lot nicer to be able to load the pre-defined profile first, then just adjust it as needed.
    The way it is now, you choose pre-defined or you set everything manually.

    EDIT: Its still an improvement though.
  10. Russ369

    Russ369 Guest

    Yup... I uninstalled Skyrim untill they fix this... I beat the main quest anyways so w/e...

    And np ukpicky :)

  11. With these drivers and any Crossfire mode / app

    So is it normal that one of my DVI posts (HD5970) causes the image to render in two frames, one ok and one scrolling vertically across the screen quite fast?!

    Moving to the other port fixed it.
  12. Pill Monster

    Pill Monster Guest

    Wow these drivers completely fixed Skyrim for me, it's never run better...and it looks great - awesome. :thumbup:

    Not using any cap btw.
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  13. kazama

    kazama Master Guru

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    Anyone using 11.11 cap 3? i dont know which caps comes with 12.1.
  14. Yxskaft

    Yxskaft Maha Guru

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    GTX Titan Sli
    I want DX11 MTR support dammit...Will we have to wait for that for 3 years too, one may wonder
  15. asder00

    asder00 Guest

    Use 11.11 cap3.

  16. diogo_cme

    diogo_cme Guest

    Is there a way to make this "permanent" through a config file?
  17. kazama

    kazama Master Guru

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    MSI GTX 1080 X
    Thx asder00 :)
  18. Elder III

    Elder III Guest

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    6900 XT Nitro+ 16GB
    Ok, I tested these drivers with Skyrim, and am pretty impressed so far. I tested with FRAPS (v-sync disabled in the .ini file) at my normal testing place - Shors Stone and the woods to the East and South of the village. I am running the game on Ultra @ 1080p with 4x MSAA & 16x AF. My framerate went up approximately 8 fps on avg in that area. At no time did my fps go below 52, before installing the 12.1 preview drivers the same area would net me lows of 46-47.
    *I am not using any mods at this time, but I do have an extensively tweaked .ini file, which definitely lowers my avg fps but the game looks much better so I'm happy with it since I'm pushing close to 60 fps on avg even in the worst areas (cities are differen... CPU bound imo).
    **I find that The Rift is one of the hardest areas for the GPU to render, hence why I test there. Most other areas will net me 10-15 fps more.

    *** To those experiencing flickering or green flashes in caves/dungeons with water in them - I re-enabled V-sync in the Skyrim.ini file and it takes care of that issue for me. I do lose a few fps and I have to increase the mouse sensitivity to make up for that sluggish feel, but it helps to make the dungeons with water in them allot more playable.
  19. RaydenTheOne

    RaydenTheOne Guest

    Ok now my report for Skyrim and 12.1 CAP3 Drivers. With my 4870 CF Config the Runs runs horrible. Indoor i get 60FPS and all is fine but outdoor i get very negative scaling and the fps are slowind down heavy when i turn around my charackter that sucks!!! with crossfire disabled and only 1 card in use the games runs much more smoother outdoor.

    defintly no recommend for 4870 CF users this driver is crap. disable CF for skyrim.

    Any chances that we get love from amd for 4870 CF suport or is that broken ?
  20. S†v0r

    S†v0r Guest

    No problems here.

    edit: Rage is ok once i force vsync.
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