AMD Releases Catalyst 12.1 Preview - Download & Discussion

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by Radier, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Outrance

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    Use in game v-sync.

    Edit: Cool, thanks for the fix Russ369 :)
  2. Russ369

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    Yeah in ur Origin Games\Battlefield 3 main folder...
  3. Russ369

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    See my post about the fix! Its not the driver its the game! Use the command and it will fix the stuttering!
  4. vejn

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    I tried. Games doesn't run that good on my system.
    But I hope to see preview driver for xp later on week or next week.
    I get Deus ex 3 sttutering (Eidos says it is because of shaders and ati needs to fix this.)
    Did anybody post a message to Ati for this problem with Deus ex 3 stuttering?
    Skyrim also jitters occasionaly.
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  5. Forceflow

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    MSI RTX 2070 Super
    I tried toying aroudn with all possible engine commands (ForceRenderAhead, TripbleBuffering, Gametime.MaxVariableFps) and the only thing that really gets me a microstutter-free experience is in-game Vsync.
  6. Russ369

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    Yeah these drivers also kill performance in SR3 drastically... used to get 99% usage on both GPU's, now its only at 50% cuts FPS in half... shame
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  7. ukpicky

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    thanks man
  8. pakoo

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    6800XT Red Devil EL

    How open the console?. Thans and sorry my English language.
  9. Freeaked1

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    Anyone have a problem with CCC not loading? I did a clean install used driver sweeper and checked my firewall. CCC.exe loads in task manager but isntantly closes and doesnt pop up at all.
  10. doodle333

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    how do I go about this ,console do you meen

  11. adrock311

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    RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 0
    This variable controls the number of frames prepared by CPU before the processing is transferred to GPU. You can try 0, 1, 2 or 3. If you have a powerful processor, you can try higher values to improve FPS but responsiveness will decrease. Lower values do the reverse. It is recommended that you set either 0 or 1 but the effect is subjected to your rig, so you may experience different results.

    I think its probably better to use only if you have a powerful CPU.
  12. Elder III

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    6900 XT Nitro+ 16GB
    Your system (according to your specs on the left) is extremely outdated. You aren't going to be able to play any new games without stuttering and lag until you get a computer that isn't using 6-7 year old hardware.

    *** In Skyrim the console key is "~" type whatever command you need and then hit "Enter" to exit the console just hit "~" again.
  13. doodle333

    doodle333 Guest

    but were do you change these setting
  14. compatible windows 8 x64(8102)?
  15. qed

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    Thanks but, forcing render ahead to 1 is not a good idea and it's 100% the game. Reverted to 11.11c and the game is flawless.

  16. illprem

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    ...not sure why everyone is so excited about the application profiles thing...we've had it for over a month with the leaked 8.93 drivers
  17. Ti3Kob

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    Yes, just like previous releases. Keep in mind it's still WDDM 1.1 though, and not 1.2.
  18. asder00

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    The AMD Catalyst™ 12.1 Preview includes all of the features found in AMD Catalyst™ 11.12 and also includes all of the latest optimizations found in the AMD Catalyst 11.11c performance drivers (AMD Catalyst 11.12 does not include the latest 11.11c optimizations). It is highly recommended that all gamers use the AMD Catalyst 12.1 Preview driver.
  19. Russ369

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    Doesn't the underlined part contradict the sentence before it though? haha
  20. mtdew332

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