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Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by Radier, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. tyRant.594

    tyRant.594 Guest

    I just installed these and tried them mw3, red faction a, tf2, dead island, and bf3. They all ran great no issues what so ever.
  2. dotslasher

    dotslasher Guest

    anyone else getting 1-2 second freezes in BF3 with these drivers?
  3. adrock311

    adrock311 Guest

    that seems like a lot of work, what if , after driver sweeping and installing the new drivers , you just went into CCC and reset everything to defaults instead?
  4. xXx_Fess_xXx

    xXx_Fess_xXx Guest

    its not the driver its not enought vram on your videocard

  5. Either make a huge page file 8GB - 10GB max.
    Or upgrade your systems RAM. I went from 6GB to 12GB of RAM and do not have to use a page file anymore.

    I do believe there is a memory leak with BF3 also.
  6. El_MUERkO

    El_MUERkO Guest

    I haven't played Supreme Commander Forged Alliance or Sup Com 2 in a few drivers, but on the 11's I could use the duel monitor settings, now both games crash when they try to run that way.
  7. VenoMaizeR

    VenoMaizeR Guest

    Im getting really pissed now, the drivers for BF3 suck big time...this ones and the versions before it! I came from a single 470GTX that i get more frames then the 2 6850s ones in crossfire WTF?....and i think this is driver related since the other games run fine on high frames...and the problem is...stuttering...for ati ,on nvidia 0 stuttering the game runned smooth with the latest drivers that is...they had the same problem, ati just needs to try harder plz.... im so sad :(
  8. adrock311

    adrock311 Guest

    BF3 will stutter if you are using settings which use too much VRAM, because without warning you it starts using system ram.
  9. anthonyl

    anthonyl Member Guru

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    XFX RX 7800XT
    When I try to overide the default settings in BF3 (using CCC)...lets say I try to use 4 x AA....I get BSOD's.
  10. VenoMaizeR

    VenoMaizeR Guest

    Then explain why on 470GTX (1280vram) i run the game everything on ultra and no stuttering or lack of video ram and its just 1 single card...on this 2 6850s(2048vram) i have to lower the settings and on the 470 i dont...its a simple driver issue, and i have a clean install of win7 64...this only happens on BF3 ofc. On nvidia side they have worked on the drivers to be so...ati still has to do some homework:bang:

  11. steveyc27

    steveyc27 Guest

    Remember you have 2 6850's 1GB each, in crossfire mode they don't combine to use 2gb total, you will still only have 1GB available VRAM
  12. VenoMaizeR

    VenoMaizeR Guest

    Found the problem...of stuttering...i disable the crossfire ULPS on win7 registry! And funny thing is that crossfire mode on registry is OFF and the ati drivers tells me that is ON wtf? i enable crossfire also on more randoms stuttering and hard drive activity while playing BF3!
  13. diogo_cme

    diogo_cme Guest

    What kind of performance are you getting out of those 6850s?

    Just curious.....cause I might get another 6850 soon.
  14. VenoMaizeR

    VenoMaizeR Guest

    There is some reviews on 6850 in crossfire, but im a bit cpu limited already so i cant tell for my self but on reviews they reach nvidia 570-580(single) performance on ati i dont remember very well :p
  15. diogo_cme

    diogo_cme Guest

    I'm actually concerned about VRAM and how it handles things when taking more than 1GB i.e. BF3's ultra settings.

  16. Vinnie

    Vinnie Ancient Guru

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    Apple M2 Pro
    Every time I see this thread name on the forum start page I think that the officials are released.
  17. diogo_cme

    diogo_cme Guest

    I guess we gonna have to wait till the end of the month for the WHQL.
  18. Yadda

    Yadda Guest

    Same here! :bang:

  19. xtremegamer

    xtremegamer Guest


    Saturation settings in ATI CCC is automatically resetting to default values, this occurs mostly when i clean the registry with Ccleaner.......
  20. Forceflow

    Forceflow Member Guru

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    MSI RTX 2070 Super
    Hey there.

    I've got 2x6850. Ultra mode is playable, but I prefer regular High so I can play online without any FPS dips.

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