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Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by Radier, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. try removing in appdata, a file called user.tlb or something like that

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  2. Pill Monster

    Pill Monster Guest

    I had that with another set, reinstalling drivers fixed it.

    I use Driver Sweeper fwiw...
  3. AlmondMan

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    7900 XT Reference
    In this folder I have only a Profiles folder, no "APL" folder. Only files there are Manifest.bin, Manifest.xml, NamedProfilesIndex.xml and Profiles.xml :|
  4. stefik

    stefik Guest

    BF3 runs a bit slower than on 11.11c

  5. Sobtanian

    Sobtanian Guest

    Has anyone else noticed that these drivers, along with 11.12 reintroduce the hitching in RAGE if you have CFX and a multicore CPU? or is it just me?

    I'm having to rollback to 11.11c to finish playing RAGE off first :(
  6. rta

    rta Guest

    back to 11.10. waiting until this fiasco ends. none of the "new" drivers, 11.11abc or 12, 12.1, etc are worth a crap for my 5850.
  7. shadow_craft

    shadow_craft Guest

    Graphical glitches in BF3 seem be gone for the most part, (flashing textures, shadows etc - still some minor issues) but FPS has dropped a fair bit ~5FPS

    Preview 3 and 11.11c were better for FPS
  8. Shayne

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    MSI RTX 2070 Armor
    Foobar ==> Shpeck ==> Milkdrop

    Has anyone else noted foobar milkdrop problems with these drivers and full screen mode? Working fine windowed but i am not able to run in full screen (video card capability error).

    Would be gr8 for input from someone running this. If you could confirm ya or nay would help me trouble shoot.

  9. Pill Monster

    Pill Monster Guest

    Milkdrop working fine in Winamp...
  10. StormGust

    StormGust Guest

    causing critical errors during the madness of deathwing fight (WoW) for me .. -> back to 11.10

  11. screwtech02

    screwtech02 Master Guru

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    6900 XTU
    I do wonder if these drivers were even TESTED on the 5800 series cards, in crossfire, tri fire, eyefinity.....

    I'm thinking NOT....
  12. Shayne

    Shayne Master Guru

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    MSI RTX 2070 Armor
    Thank you was refering to foobar v1.1.10 not through winamp.

  13. tyRant.594

    tyRant.594 Guest

    im using the 11.12 they are solid. No issues for me
  14. Conan

    Conan Guest

    anyone with 6870? post your thoughts
  15. xtremegamer

    xtremegamer Guest

    Is anyone playing "Batman-Arkham City", im getting Fps drops , 1600 * 900 all settings High, FXAA High, DX 11 and PHYsx Off, Gpu Usage is around 52% when i get 30-40fps When Gpu Usage is 90 i get 60fps, Cpu Usage total 34-40%......Any Idea wat's causing this

  16. cyclone3d

    cyclone3d Guest

    I've got 2x 6870. The only game I have been playing latealy is Skyrim It works great for that game.

    I am not using any CAPs.

    I tried making my own profile for Skyrim and it just killed performace. I tried "default, AFR, and 1x1 just because I was curious to see if I could get it to always have 60fps in cities.

    So I deleted it and let it use the default profile.
  17. on today booting i get bsod 116 without bsod..only black screen freeze while windows loading :) probably driver issue
  18. yy885

    yy885 Guest

    any comment about 1*6850 with this driver?
  19. zer0_c0ol

    zer0_c0ol Guest

  20. k1net1cs

    k1net1cs Guest

    The f*ck?
    This one gives me another green Flash videos on a clean install. *sigh*

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