AMD Releases Catalyst 12.1 Preview - Download & Discussion

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by Radier, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. AvengerUK

    AvengerUK Guest

    These drivers arnt too bad, I get good FPS in most of the games I play.

    Although, I might rollback to 11.11c or 11.12 as they keep giving me BSOD (Graphics driver not responding) errors. Also seen some graphical corruption in APB:R but I'm not 100% on that being these drivers or a recent update.
  2. TheOriginalTO

    TheOriginalTO Master Guru

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    5500 XT / 8gb
    Do single config mobility cards ( 5870m ) need to use caps? and if so which one, 12.1 or 11.11c?
  3. Mikedogg

    Mikedogg Guest

    The latest Cap's is usually the best because it contains all the previous fixes, supposedly, and it wouldn't make sense if mobile cards weren't supported. One thing I'm not sure of, is if the latest Cap's revision is best compatible with the latest Catalyst revision.
  4. The Mac

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    Sapphire R9-290 Vapor-X
    Latest Cap is always best with latest WHQL release or hotfix.

    Sometimes they migrate the fixes from the caps to the drivers, so if you use a Beta/Preview driver, a particuar profile may have been removed from the cap and put in the WHQL driver, but not in the beta/preview.

  5. Asymmetric

    Asymmetric Guest

    terrible min fps in bf3 i saw it dip down to 6! unplayable well time to try out 11.12 whql i guess
  6. screwtech02

    screwtech02 Master Guru

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    6900 XTU
    Ok, but, how does that explain the relativly crappy framerates with 3 cards @1920x1200 all setting on med, with no blur or crap like that?? I cannot manage over 70fps with 3 cards, but with 1 it will average 65???
  7. spyre

    spyre Guest

    I do not get that issue the game runs at 180 to 210fps at 1920 x 1200 with my 6990 and 6970 in Trifire on medium. I can't be arsed to go install 3 older cards to check that out since it is a pain to change all the power connectors etc.
  8. HonoredShadow

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    msi 4090
    how come you use medium? just curious spyre
  9. blacblu

    blacblu Guest

    Is this drive working fine with CrossfireX on Battefield 3 and Skyrim?

    Thank You.
  10. spyre

    spyre Guest

    Because the screwtech02 person was using medium and wanted at least some comparison. I could of course use ultra at that resolution and get between 75 and 128fps in Trifire :)

  11. AxelL

    AxelL Guest

    It is not cave specific, I randomly find purple NPCs, dragons.. Since I reverted back I haven't seen it once, ( but I got random freezes ) I already did something with the TESV.exe in the windows manually making it LAA, but I was never sure if it worked or not, maybe I try the patch.. but I heard that the next official patch would support it. Thanks
  12. The Mac

    The Mac Guest

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    Sapphire R9-290 Vapor-X
    changing it in windows causes steam to redownload the .exe and replace it with the original.

    I did the same thing, and it worked fine initially, then patch 1 came out and it replaced the .exe. When i dicovered this, i fixed it again, but it just replaced it again.

    check the .exe with your utility, ill bet its not LAA anymore.
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  13. wazups2x

    wazups2x Guest

    You have to use THIS 4GB mod. The other one doesn't work after one of the patches.
  14. Using 12.1 with 11.12 CAP1

    The power control settings slider will not apply to any setting on GPU2 with my 6990.
    No matter what percent selected it will always revert back to zero percent after clicking the apply button.

    GPU1 will set and GPU2 set yesterday but I did have the problem with the slider resetting to zero but after a few tries it would stay.
  15. Pey

    Pey Master Guru

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    Same here, saturation doenst work :(

    Batman works like **** in dx11, bf3 runs flawlessly though i have to alt+tab sometimes to regain full gpu usage.

  16. mercury228

    mercury228 Guest

    I am getting really great BF3 performance. Saints Row the third and Skyrim crossfire still sucks for me. It does not really matter cause those games run great with one card.
  17. I seem to get improved AA performance in Skyrim with these drivers. I can now run 4x AA and still have 60fps with a 5870. Nice.
  18. smoney

    smoney Guest

    I saw my fps dip to 45 using only 12.1. I also had some stuttering. Very noticeable in gulf of oman. reverting back to 11.10
  19. AlmondMan

    AlmondMan Maha Guru

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    7900 XT Reference
    For whatever reason, I can't seem to create profiles? I didn't bother with any driver sweeping or uninstall. Clicked "restore factory defaults". I get a "settings were succesfully saved to application profile" but no profiles show up in the profiles menu.

    Also, Apply and Discard buttons are constantly blinking...
  20. RodsterPS360

    RodsterPS360 Guest

    What's the overall consensus on these preview drivers? Are they better than 11.12. :3eyes:

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