AMD Reality Check - 8150 vs 2700K - Interesting Result

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Maximus7724, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Maximus7724

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  2. IPlayNaked

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    Somewhat interesting. I'm not going to outright discount their results, but I would definitely want a third party to give this a shot.

  3. deltatux

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    We don't know if AMD might have optimized the game via configs and stuff to ensure that they're truly configured properly. If a neutral party were there to configure it, it will ensure that the test yielded unbiased results.

  4. hallryu

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    I was about to say the exact same thing. We do not know the test conditions and I have to say that I'm a little skeptical given the kicking AMD have just had over BD.

    This kind of test needs to be done by a totally neutral third party.

  5. buddybd

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    Ya the test method isn't detailed. If it was something like BF3 MP (the screen does show SP) then I'm pretty sure the 2700K system would've won easily.
  6. GeniusPr0

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    eyefinity so the framerates would have been the exact same on both systems. just luck imo ;p. with eyefinity it wouldnt matter what cpu was in there.
  7. PhazeDelta1

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    inb4 flames.

    i agree with both deltatux and hallryu. i think amd should of let another party run the test. that way no one could play the omg amd is cheating card.
  8. Chillin

    Chillin Guest

    The results are: No kidding!

    Of course the AMD APU is going to better on a graphic demo, just like the i3 would've done better for compressing/transcoding movies/songs.

    As for the higher end results, I am willing to be $100 that AMD maxed out the game settings so both systems were GPU limited and the CPU difference doesn't really matter when you are GPU starved.

    Useless marketing.
  9. sykozis

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    Unless looking at framerate, the majority of "gamers" can't tell the difference between the 2 configurations so long as gameplay is smooth. It's actually to AMD's benefit to ensure an "equal playing ground" in this scenario.
  10. mameira

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    Well, for gamer's, that's the only thing we care about, a CPU that can run games at max settings and doesn't cost an arm and a leg

  11. ---TK---

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    I trust reviews like hilberts and other impartial reviews except for the hardocp review of BD.
  12. Chillin

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    Have them next time blind test the two rigs running ArmA 2 or Shogun 2; you know, games that are actually CPU limited.

    Battlefield 3 does not give a darn about your CPU for the most part. I can also choose a GPU limited game and say that there is no difference between an AMD X4 and an i7-3960x:

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  13. Chillin

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    I think that was the final straw that broke the camel's back. The review was so ridiculous it was laughable.
  14. ---TK---

    ---TK--- Guest

    classic gpu limited test. every cpu is almost exactly the same
  15. PhazeDelta1

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    so basically its the gpu that matters or am i reading what chillin said wrong?

  16. mameira

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    Yeah, Intel offers the best CPUs but not the best prices, I remember when I paid like $200 for the Q6600 ,and I thought it was a lot :banana:

    But, as I always say, people should build their rigs based on the reviews and check the if there's a reason to pay more for a CPU/GPU/*hardware* to play their favorite game or w/e they do with their PCs.

    If I love BF3 and I want decent CPU performance I would take whatever is the best for me and my res/settings/etc
  17. Chillin

    Chillin Guest

    They both matter in different games.

    In a game like ArmA 2 or Shogun 2 then the CPU will have a very large impact on performance. However, judging by the screens they are using BF3 which the CPU has almost no impact on performance especially at GPU limited (i.e., the CPU is waiting on the GPU) eyefinity resolutions.

    Mind you that nearly any modern CPU can play any modern game at 1080p with no problem with one or two exceptions. But then again, you don't use the CPU just for gaming.
  18. PhazeDelta1

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    ah. i get you now. :nerd:
  19. UZ7

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    Hook up a xbox 360 on the side and put the same survey... "no difference" lol jk :p
  20. Matt26LFC

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    I agree CPU bottleneck is thrown around far to much these days, once you start hitting High Res and High Details the GPU matters far more.

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