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Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. AbjectBlitz

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    R390 1200/1720
    Will us 390 owner ever get a new driver that lets us overclock memory again?
    Getting real fed up of waiting now.
  2. flow

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    Asus TUF RTX3080 oc
    I have zero problems with msi AB/rivatuner. I also do not have the clock bug. In fact, crimson and relive drivers seems to work ok on my card.
    I can play my games all day long monitoring with rivatuner etc etc. while overclocking through wattman. They don't bite eachother on my end.

    So sure, I overclocked my rig, and I have the occasional crash due to that, but nothing serious though.
    That's not to say others don't have these issues, but it's simply not a rule of thumb.
    Ans I suspect this is bad, because if all suffered these issues they would try resolving it rather sooner than later.
  3. s0x

    s0x Guest

    Remove and clean the drivers using DDU, it should disable the driver installation via Windows Update.

    Install the new ones afterwards.
  4. Agonist

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    XFX 7900xtx Black
    Why not flash the clocks yourself and quit whining.
    You can always go team green and enjoy the their issues.

    Jesus this getting old on here.

    Bunch of damn cry babies everywhere lately.

  5. Amx85

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    MSI R7-260X2GD5/OC
    Why has The integrated bug reporting tool? Yo ignore user's feedbacks? XD
  6. Amx85

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    MSI R7-260X2GD5/OC
    Check using another Port... Or try downloading a driver from the monitor's website
  7. Apparatus

    Apparatus Master Guru

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    3080 ti Vision OC
    Another great performing, stable and fully functional driver for me.

    My last AMD card was an X1950PRO back in 2007, and i remember having issues with the drivers.

    I passed almost a decade with Nvidia, and three months ago i bought the RX470.
    After three different drivers i am totally satisfied.
    Not a single crash or problem, and all the radeon settings(ex: game profiles) are working like a charm.

    My vga is at stock clocks.
  8. mortenv

    mortenv Guest

    Just noticed that on my system, that there is some more weirdness with 17.1.2 and msi afterburner. If I set any kind of overclock or change memory and core clocks at all, the actual clockspeeds locks to 300/150 or 300/1250 and nothing short of rebooting the system solves it. restarting the graphics driver does nothing.

    have I missed something or has this always been a thing? I remember on other relive drivers I was always able to modify clocks up and down even though it did not work very well. Now they just lock if I try to modify..
  9. Chastity

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    Nitro 5700XT/6800M
    I am in no way blaming you for the incompatibility. Nobody could foresee AMD's new fork breaking compatibility with only a subset of video cards. Since the incompatibility affects MSI owners as well as non-MSI ones (TRIXX users have the same issue) I would think that MSI would have you look into options.

    Just a thought.

    EDIT: I've noticed some users having no issues. I am wondering if it's due to some firmware builds? I've seen this happen before with AMD and some of the cards at Asus when I worked there. I had to get AMD to update some builds to get proper compatibility.
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  10. ZeusCM

    ZeusCM Guest

    Stuck clock speeds

    Can someone please help me? I have AMD 280X which has default OC clock speed at 1070 Mhz, however I'm forever stuck at 950 Mhz. I used to have overclock to 1150 Mhz no issues. But at some point (don't know when, I cleanly installed this driver today) I noticed this issue. I read somewhere I should disable ULPS using MSI Afterburner, but it didn't work. Same problem with previous driver. I'm desperate as I'm having subpar perfomance now.

  11. PrMinisterGR

    PrMinisterGR Ancient Guru

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    Inno3D RTX 3090
    Use DDU to perform the uninstallation.
  12. N0bodyOfTheGoat

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    Sapphire Nitro R9 390 8GB
    Tried to adjust Power Limit in Trixx from 0% to 50%, instant flickers on Desktop and inbetween matches in Rocket League, that were not cured by resetting Power Limit to 0%.

    About to reboot, presuming they will go away again...

    Edit: And the reboot with Power Limit at 0% cured the horrid flicker and corruption
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  13. Hellraiser

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    2070 Super
    Thanks but for some reason DDU won't disable auto installation of the driver but I fixed it with the windows update blocker.

    Just wondering if there was a way to use Relive recording with the old 16.5 driver since they seem to get me better scores and fps. That would be nice Amd
  14. Truder

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    RX 6700XT Nitro+
    I understand that you're fed up of being blamed for an issue that is in itself inherent to the drivers however, many people use Afterburner as an alternative to official methods. Is there not some way that can be looked into as a work around to bypass the problems that are a result of the drivers? If you have tried to find a workaround and there is no viable solution, can you at least remind people of this fact?

    I really hate to be rude but given the recent replies you've often made in response to combating the issue here, you've often said things like "This isn't a fault with Afterburner" "This is AMD's problem" "There is nothing wrong with x, it's an issue with y".

    If you have indeed looked into this fault in the driver and you can find no means to work around it, please instead of saying those kinds of things, just tell people that there is no way to bypass this issue and that you have indeed looked into it. It will at the very least, show that you have considered it rather than flat out making a blame or appearing to refuse support.

    I know people sometimes need to be told abruptly of certain facts but still there is a responsibility to yourself, your product and your clients - MSI/Consumers.

    tl;dr My critique is that you're coming off as unprofessional and uncaring, just remind people you have looked into this and you can't do anything at the present time with regards to driver limitations.

    I do apologise that this isn't the kind of thing anyone wants to hear and it's not going to get me any brownie points but the reality is, people aren't understanding what goes on behind the scenes and it's better to explain the situation rather than coming off as cold and even uncaring towards the userbase.
  15. Starks

    Starks Guest

    I prefer Trixx.
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  16. warlord

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  17. chris89

    chris89 Master Guru

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    RADEON R5 M430 2GB
    I've had HWInfo errors on Core Voltage & Core Power since after 16.9.2 whql... 16.9.2 shows everything correctly... I'm trying to find Crimson 16.1 though so I can run 4k vsr on my 390x... Until then these drivers work fine just the value errors in Hwinfo are quite annoying.
  18. IMDDK

    IMDDK Guest


    Hey guys,

    I just wanna share some opinion about AMD driver.
    Frankly, Ive never experienced any problems with AMD cards and its driver since my 1st card was HD 6850. Sadly they stopped supporting the card so i upgraded it to RX 480 just 4gb card. And I dont have any issue with it either.
    Currently running at 1400 core and 1850 mem. 1.216 Vcore voltage. Using MSI Afterburn 4.3 latest version and rivaturner 6.5.1 to OC my card.
    Also, Im using custom resolution to OC my monitor from 60 to 75hz as well using crimson.
    I have been playing lots of game lately (Witcher 3, Watch dogs 2, RE7, Far cry, COD, Mass Effect, Metal gear solid, etc to test the stability. Seems every thing works fine and pretty smooth. Hope this helps and gl everyone! ^^


    Cheers guys :) :nerd:
  19. Unwinder

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    Sorry but that's not true. I provided details on this issue a few times in multiple ReLive related threads. Those who can and want to read it, can easily do it. Those who cannot - can continue spamming me with requests to get "fixed/adapted build of MSI AB ASAP", I ignore it from now. I give up on dealing with such requests and addressing such questions again, again and again, and that's not called "being unprofessional and uncaring". And honestly it is really sad to read things about being uncaring because I spent last 20 years of my life on supporting the product online without asking anything in exchange from community, even single donation ever.
  20. Passus

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    MSI 4070 Gaming X
    Welcome to the zero issues club :thumbup:

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