AMD Radeon HD 6570 HDMI audio lost

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    AMD Radeon HD 6570
    I just updated my Radeon HD 6570 driver thru Auto Detect utility.
    Previously had option to route audio to either desktop speakers via
    AMD HDMI output from the Radeon card to Samsung HDMI input tv w audio.

    Then when I selected "AMD HDMI Output" from playback devices I got window "The device is being used by another application. Please close any devices that are playing audio to this device and then try again". No other apps were open using audio/ AMD HDMI Output.
    So thru control panel I uninstalled the driver which (obviously) killed displays on all three monitors- desktop vga & HDMI monitor & living room Samsung
    HDMI input plasma.
    Had a buddy connect w Team Viewer and install the original OEM disc driver
    (my Safe Mode wouldn't allow installation). Now when I select playback devices window it shows "AMD High Definition Audio Device not plugged in".
    ... I unplugged/ plugged HDMI from the card to hub and both HDMI outputs
    to both HDMI displays. Still playback devices window shows "AMD High Definition Audio Device not plugged in". I know the cables are good.

    Downloaded 64bit driver but HD6570 may be 32 bit= Windows7 64 bit OS
    may be in conflict? The oem driver is ver. 12-128(7/xp/vista) (8.93)(cat.12.1)

    Afraid to try even a manual driver download again as since the Auto Select function installed wrong driver (no HDMI audio output) not sure which manual (older version?) DL would work to provide HDMI audio selection. I DO get HDMI VIDEO output to all displays but no audio.

    Device manager next to the Radeon HD 6570 shows amber "! caution sign" indicating error? I just want to get the HDMI audio back. "It all worked flawlessly up to the driver update..." seems to be a common problem.

    Suggestions? Thanks much.
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    R7 Series
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    I've had these sort of HDMI audio problems with ALL my AMD cards since 4850. I downloaded a little program called devcon.exe and kill and restart the device with
    devcon disable *DEV_AA01
    devcon enable *DEV_AA01
    Has served me well over the years, saves MANY unnecessary restarts.

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