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Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by Psychlone, Jul 18, 2008.

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    ^Wow, nice overclock.
    Don't forget when you raise the fsb you also increase the memory clock, so it could be that your memclock is too high...

    I just noticed your timings which are a bit tight - the correct timings are 8-8-8-22-30.

    Try that and see how you go.
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    9950 BE overclock

    Hey all,

    First, I've read about the first 30 pages in my quest to start overclocking my CPU properly, however I'm still kinda at a loss where to go with it...

    I can get the system running stable at 3045mhz using 15x multi and 205 FSB @ 1.4 cpu voltage, which when in cpuz, shows my fsb at 203.1.

    I started to use Psychlone's c/p guide on page 7 but right off the bat on testing max fsb I get POST up to 600 so that throws me off right there. I decided to go back to using this way to get a more solid, thorough oc if possible so I am kinda stuck here lol.

    Any help is appreciated and I'll supply any info required asap!

    m3n72-d 1301
    AMD 9950 BE 125w
    ZALMAN quiet cpu cooler
    OCZ gameXtreme 700W
    BFG GTX 285
    OCZ REAPER PC 8500 1066 DDR2 set at 800mz@ 5-5-5-18 2.12 v
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    Hello Pill..

    thank you very much for answering. I applied the 8-8-8-22-30 and the 7-7-7-20-27. But with no result in 245 FSB. I am still at 230. However, I changed the timings to 7-7-7-20-27 with 230 FSB and it is running now on Prime95 (7 hours already and no problem). With those timings my letancy has decreased and the "write", "read" and "copy" of the memory have increased, according to AIDA64. Let's see if this set up holds. I still do not understand why Prime95 crashes with 245 FSB, maybe it is because I am using an IDE HDD. Who knows? I will try the 245 again when my new cooler arrives and when I buy a SATA HDD. However, that will have to wait 'cause HDD are too expensive at the moment...

    Thanks once more...

    Edit: OK, I went to bed and when I woke up this morning the Prime95 had closed itself. I went to the results.txt and it says nothing about any error... it ran for 13 hours and 49 mins. The are the last report on the file:
    [Tue Jan 17 04:55:22 2012]
    Self-test 1792K passed!
    Self-test 1792K passed!

    I had never left it more than 12 hours running.

    Shoudl I be worried? Meaning some error was encountered. Or, Does it mean that everything is ok?
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    Ram O/C question(s) for Psychlone :)


    This question is for Psychlone if he would help me:

    I followed your AMD O/C guide and wanted to thank you for making this MUCH more comprehensible than anywhere else I have looked. I was wondering if you could shed some light on some confusion I have over my results.

    My specs are listed in my profile so I suppose I don't need to regurgitate that data here. My question(s) pertain to RAM.

    If I read your post correctly, overclocking RAM involves a trial and error process beginning with the loosest timings I can set in BIOS. Then tighten each one in the order you specified.

    1) After I tune a timing as low as it will go and move on to next should I reset the first timing to loosest setting? Or tighten each with all previous timings at their lowest timing?

    2) I get different readings on the RAM with each program I use. ie. CPUID says one thing and MemTest86 says another...Is there a way to see exactly +/- what the RAM frequency actually is?

    3) BIOS gives me an option of [Auto][Limit][Manual] for Ram frequency. Only by trial and error I picked [Limit] and [887] frequency. The four options for frequency appear to be [2xFSB][2.66..xFSB][3.33..xFSB] & [4xFSB]. So, as I change FSB or HT in this case, from 200 to 266, the Ram freq. changes from [667] to [887] (the third setting) in the BIOS.

    4) CPUID displays FSB/DRAM =CPU/8 or cpu freq. = 3192 (x12clk *266 FSB) & Ram @ 399.2 MHz, BUT when running MemTest the display shows 456 MHz DDR 912? CPUID also displayed Timings for Jedec#2 which I manually changed back to Jedec#3 as I have not yet started changing timings. I can live w/o CPUID telling me what RAM is running at but I would like to be able to calculate or view what is going on internally – what is the computer seeing so I can make choices...Not sure if this makes sense or not...

    5) What can I do now to maximize PC efficiency and stability. I am fairly happy with what I have atm, but I am pretty sure I should "synchronize" hardware to act in unison. I don't crash in normal windows operations, but high demand programs like Battlefield 3 are crashing pretty consistently after 20-120 minutes.

    Thanks Psychlone.


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    how much can phenom x4 955 c3 overclock. 4100 Mhz is the best my can do with cheap motherboard:)
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    Well that's going to depend on your CPU and motherboard. Since you're using a cheap motherboard, you have more than likely reached your limit.
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    nice read
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    2 years late to the party
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    SOK, Zen is coming..... Can't wait.

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