AMD Never Settle Game Bundle Gets Updated

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Nintendo needs to jump out of the console maker and just start doing software and handhelds.
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    Yeah the 760 is defo not a 670 refresh. The reference 670 is what like 915mhz or so much lower than a stock 760. I have to say the 760 is a midrange gpu done right though.
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    i must say that this bundle while not cost effective for amd, is super win for customer. for myself i still pick nvidia, gtx 680/770 over any amd card. i have more pleasure time with nvidia than AMD, had amd card for 6 years and they always gave me a smile on my face and pocket :D.
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    Its basically something between the GTX 660 OEM and 670 ( or a 670 with an SMX disabled ) with higher core / boost clock... Its more a new card of what is the 770.. cant really call that a new series of gpu, but still at least they have do some change ( the card due to 1 smx lost loose some TMU too )

    Personnally i was think they will use directly 1344SP ( 670 ), but by removing 1SMX on the 670, they are able to play on the core speed/turbo.. ( 980/1033mhz) and keep the same TDP of 170W.. and like that they can bin the chips from the 770/680 by removing 2x SMX ( this permit to use the chips who are not qualified ). ( diminish waffer use cost )


    - GTX 760: 1152SP - 256bit / 2GB - 170W ( based on GK104 ) = 670 -1SMX + 7% clockspeed. ( but like most 670 was doing 1ghz on turbo anyway )..
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