AMD NAVI would see three video card models, $249 RX 3080 close to RTX 2070

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Dec 6, 2018.

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    I just buy what I want what I don't want I dont buy like duh who don't?
    anyway why bring up intel why not Samsung or micron or even m$
    as a monopoly?

    see you seem to have vested amd close to your heart and that dick from yt does too so its a good match.
    its called opinion you have to get used to it
    you had your say now let people actually post about this red hype train news
    I am such a nicer sheppard being holiday time and all.
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    Radeon R9290
    Could bring up price fixing in dram market also but like you said this thread was about an invisible hype train.
    About opinions you should get used to other people having their thoughts also, without you calling them sheep’s,dicks,etc
    Peace now.
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    2080 Ti
    I am very aware of current benchmarks maybe you shouldn't cherry pick your benchmarks. Hitman has been a title that AMD has always performed well in and I am sure you can figure out why... The Vega 56 launched faster than the 1070 and rivaled its own Vega 64 whats your point? The Vega 56 card also was not to be found near $400 msrp until long after mining declined. The GTX 1080 still performs better in more games than the Vega 64 all while maintaining lower temps and power consumption. Sure the Vega 64 takes the cake in some titles but it's not consistently better so you can take that argument back. RTX may not be the jump in tech any of us wanted but it still making great technical strides in the industry. Nothing else is happening so it's not like AMD dropped a bomb while Nvidia struggles with RTX. Meanwhile, I am just a happy gamer running a 1080 Ti reinforced by the lack of anything else out that is better aside from a $1300 2080 Ti. Speaking of 2080 Ti it's pretty interesting that the 2080 Ti has similar power consumption to the Vega 64 all while destroying performance of Vega at that power consumption.

    Adding clarity again, I want AMD to make better GPUs. A great 1080 Ti replacement for me in the future would be great from AMD. This cherry picked argument for AMD isn't without bias and therein lies my problem with the argument. Only reason I am on the Nvidia side of the argument is because of the fallacy used on the AMD side by some of the posters in this thread.
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    Intel in a way can have monopoly on x86 by design. Samsung can't have monopoly on anything as each of their business is done by many other companies/corporations.
    MS can't have monopoly on OS either. There are many alternatives. But in this case MS has quite strong grip and does its best to keep it. Fact that every manufacturer of PC/notebook ships almost all devices with MS OS prepaid by default...

    On other hand, while intel can have that monopoly, it is not like there is only x86 on market. There can still be end of x86 era. There are many other CPU architectures with different or similar instruction sets.

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