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AMD might launch its NAVI 10 next-gen GPU by June

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Camaxide

    Camaxide Member

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    MSI 1080 Ti Gaming X SLI
    This sounds rather underwhelming, though expected.. if the new gpu’s can’t even compete with the now old 2080ti, then it hardly interest me. I hope AMD will be able to up the game and at least match what nvidia were able to do months ahead of them. Now we look at AMD matching what Nvidia two years ago? (1080ti’ish?) might do better than that though, but sounds like not by much..
  2. Embra

    Embra Master Guru

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    Vega 64 Nitro+LE
    I think they have always stated that the first wave of NAVI would be mainstream GPUs.
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  3. K.S.

    K.S. Maha Guru

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    1080 Ti SEA HAWK
    Truth' & Lotus Notes - man that took me back a little.. haven't used Lotus in a while.

    It's been the case; reinforced once or twice even yet the community has really wanted a High-End offering earlier on to compete against competition. Some speculated excess MI50 stock were initially repurposed as Vega VIIs as part of an AMD initiative to respond to that community demand & in turn provide competition for the HEDT GPU bracket until Navi 20. (https://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/2397?vs=2137)
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  4. jaggerwild

    jaggerwild Master Guru

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    Where's your facts? Don't post stuff you claim to know about then not post a link to reference what you said, or go polish your NEW NGRIDIA GPU. As the last few postes have stated, they release the low end first. Ever hear of History? History shows AMD usually takes the lead every so many years, Let me know I can link what I say. I'll toss in the 3870X2 for now.........

  5. vbetts

    vbetts Don Vincenzo Staff Member

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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M
    I'm confused how the 2080ti is old?

    Also there are factors you have to remember.

    1. Pascal as an architecture is very hard to beat obviously, general performance Nvidia themselves have a tough time putting out a Turing card that is only mildly better than the top Pascal card. There's also a reason why Pascal lasted longer than the average generation does(aside from mining causing a slowdown in the market for general gaming).
    2. If what was rumored and said is true, Navi first iteration is not going to be for high performance but mainstream instead. That being said, they want to reach mainstream prices while maintaining mainstream to higher mainstream performance. If Nvidia can release a card that's $300 and is within say 5% of a $400 Nvidia card, that's great. Since the R700 series GPU this is what AMD has been doing.
    3. Navi is rumored to be GCN based still. I wouldn't get my hopes up for that personally.
  6. chispy

    chispy Ancient Guru

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    RTX 2080Ti - RX 580
    Mainstream is where the $$$ is for AMD graphics card division , right there is where they will focus. Mid-range to low budget gaming gpus.
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