AMD Halts StoreMI Technology, Will be Replaced

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Apr 6, 2020.

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    Primocache is great software. Store MI had very limited configuration options, plus I think it uses a proprietary format that would make data recovery in case of failure difficult.

    I use Primocache then a $35 256GB nvme as a cache for my 3TB gaming partition. Then it automatically caches games as I play them, giving ssd like speeds while older games I haven't touched in a while get cleared out. Sure I could manage it all manually or use junction points or move games between steam libraries but that is no fun.
    The only thing is that SSDs are almost at the point where you can store all your games on them.. But not quite yet, a 2TB ssd still runs over $200 and I don't think I'd be comfortable until 4TB since games are so big these days.
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    I had it configured with a 64gb partition from my ssd and a 2tb hdd, and really for gaming it didn't give me a huge advantage for loading times. The big difference I saw was with games that streamed in textures. Maybe if I moved files back and forth, or just wanted to maintain one drive I could see how this would be beneficial. But definitely not needed with how cheap both ssd and hdd are now.
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    Cutting out software like this is amazing decision by AMD. People can't lose their data because they wanted to try it out (or pay for a tool to recover partition if software was uninstalled with single drive).
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    using diskpart, i was always able to successfully remove it from my HDD for a reformat.
    But like others have already stated, there are many programs that have the same function.

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    Personally I just went full SSD, so my stuff are always on fast storage. I don't really need huge storage. 2TB is plenty for me. And SSDs got cheaper. So I have 2 SSDs and no need for StoreMI.
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    Been using this since it was named FancyCache and was free to use...

    Great piece of software for people that care about speed, useful for any kind of storage combination, except maybe pure M.2 SSD (no other drives).

    I've also noticed that PC's RAM cache is considerably faster than the software RAM caches that some SSD makers offer, probably more optimized software stack... not to mention that it's much more flexible in the choice of how much RAM will be used and for which drives.
    It's probably faster than the old StoreMI as well... I wouldn't know, I don't have a 400 series mobo.

    The only "problem" with it is that it's somewhat expensive ($30) for just this one specific goal, which for many people is half the cost of a motherboard...
    But for any professional that needs every bit of speed on their computer, $30 is nothing.
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    I have used it for almost 2 years for my game drive. It most definitely speeds up loading of your frequently used games. Only had a problem once when the hard drive developed a few bad sectors it would not show up in windows but a scan with a HDD Regenerator boot disk fixed that easily. I wouldn't use it as a boot drive for your operating system though. I am hoping the next software lets you use more then 256gb of your fast drive though. 512gb would be sweet.
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    Downside of
    Exactly. Setup requires one to select "Slow" and "Fast" drive which should be used as extra cache. And only after that one can add RAM cache.
    But I have only SSD for OS where I do not need any extra boosting. And setting one NVMe as slow while another as fast is kind of sad joke.
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