Amd Graphic Card Extrem Problem

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    Amd Hd Series 6800
    When i try to play there is a texture bug . in the menu, in the game , i have try everything . in the menu the game make flash like it as sparkle keep disapear and appear. In game the some part of the world came invisible if a zoom out or in . and sometime some texture just mess a lot . i have try everything , uninstall , putting catalyst center option at off like texture option and others. but still the game not want to work and i know its a problem with the graphic card since its working on others computer that do not have this graphic card and are less powerfull than my PC . I try to change the game setting , putting graphic high and low , anti-aliasing at high and after at low . So im pretty Anoy that MY graphic card as this problem .... Is there a way to fix it it ? is there an option i can desactivate in catalyst center ? cause i find this really upset that i cant play on my PC .

    The game is Black and White 2 . Im using Catalyst Control Center, HD series 6800 .
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