AMD Fury X Owners' Thread

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    Sapphire Fury Nitro
    So recently, been having stability issues with my Fury which has been concerning as there are no stock of any new GPUs anywhere and when there is, they are too expensive.... I've been saving for a 6800XT but unfortunately, they are being sold for twice as much as their retail value.

    So I decided to bite the bullet and gave my Fury a repasting.... I've been putting this off because I was very nervous about potentially damaging the interposer. I remember hearing many horror stories how people bricked their cards just by lightly touching the interposer. Fortunately, looks like Sapphire protected against this possibility by placing protective plastic over the interposer.

    The old paste that was on the card, it was very hard and very dry. I was quite surprised, after cleaning it as best as I could, and managing to remove the paste in-between the HBM stacks (the paste there was higher than the HBM stacks which was concerning), preliminary results show I've dropped temps by as much as 10°c now hovering in the 60s rather than the 70s on load. I'll see how things go after a good long gaming session.

    DSC_1320-1.jpg DSC_1320-2.jpg DSC_1321.jpg DSC_1322.jpg
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    Vega XTX LiQuiD
    GJ Bro :p

    My Vega is still very cool & quiet, so no need for repasting on my side.
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    Fury X fx5
    Mine got very noisy last year , pump started squealing like it was going to die though temps were still reasonable.
    Quote from gigabyte to replace it was more than xpsc water block (if you can find them they are clearing them cheap)

    So my fury X is spending a comfortable retirement in my HTPC with a custom cooling loop
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