AMD FURY X OVERclockin' Question

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by A M D BugBear, Jun 6, 2016.

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    Hello, I don't own this video card but its been a long time since I heard any updates on Lack of overclocking of this card, anyone have good overclocking updates on this card on stock cooler and or modded bios???

    Also, kinda off topic, since the card release, did the driver updates till this day showed significant differences???, just curious, I haven't been following the card lately...
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    Maybe you should ask the guys at the owner's club thread. My belief is that the drivers have helped quite a lot, but it's not too much done on the overclocking side of things.
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    Following are Luxmark results, same old version "luxmark-win64-v2.0". All at 1050/500MHz for consistency.
    GPU utilization recorded for normalization purposes, as you can see there were two interesting drivers for compute. Those were two vulkan beta drivers which included new OpenCL build, but at time it came to standard driver, that full utilization was gone again.
    There was no driver installation tag or special registry entry present for those two drivers, so it has to do something with CCC/MOM libraries which were probably not merged into main trunk.

    But improvement is still noticeable.
    Test 1		262K Trianlges		score		utilization
    Fury X W8=>10	29370		93%
    Fury X		15.200.1040 Tahiti	29790		94%
    Fury X		15.200.1023.10 Fiji	29869		96%
    Fury X		15.300.1025.0		31391		95%
    Fury X		16.150.1009-160213a	33070		100%
    Fury X		16.150.1009-160224a	33757		100%
    Fury X		16.150.2401-160415a	32458		95%
    Fury X		16.200.1010-160510a1	31878		92%
    Test 2		488K Triangles		score		utilization
    Fury X W8=>10	3474		95%
    Fury X		15.200.1040 Tahiti	3506		95%
    Fury X		15.300.1025.0		3620		94%
    Fury X		16.150.1009-160213a	4013		100%
    Fury X		16.150.1009-160224a	4067		100%
    Fury X		16.150.2401-160415a	3961		95%
    Fury X		16.200.1010-160510a1	3927		94%
    Test 3		2016K Triangles		score		utilization
    Fury X W8=>10	1753		100%
    Fury X		15.200.1040 Tahiti	1788		100%
    Fury X		15.300.1025.0		1779		98%
    Fury X		16.150.1009-160213a	1841		100%
    Fury X		16.150.1009-160224a	1846		100%
    Fury X		16.150.2401-160415a	1862		99%
    Fury X		16.200.1010-160510a1	1856		99%
    As far as OC goes, there was and still is performance fall off (or even decrease) for people who do not understand Fiji's power management.
    For rest of us, performance goes up in linear fashion with clock.
    You can expect GPU OC in 7~12% range (1125~1175MHz) for most cards and appropriate performance boost.

    I did make vBIOS with tight HBM timings, they do not help in general gaming in noticeable way, but compute difference is quite something.
    (But, I do not have any games with async to test difference there.)

    HBM OC is limited to 10% real bandwidth for compute stable operation and to 20% for gaming stable operation with increased voltage. With Hard capacitor mod, 20% OC is achievable even at stock voltage.
    That says card design is culprit for not so great HBM OC. And on top of that HBM has very special settings which each manufacturer sets himself. If we had full knowledge of those, probably even stock voltage would be enough to achieve over 600MHz without Hard mod.

    And funny thing is:
    While OC is in place card can easily eat 330~350W while gaming. But it is summer and I modded mine for power efficiency.
    My average power consumption in gaming after several hours is 110~130W with driver power efficiency enabled and fps limiter to 144.
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    After disappointing that my hours of wasted OC time did just explode Overwatch, I figured to just OC Fury in Overwatch as its so fast to crash bad overclocks and it shows memory errors as just green screen?

    Start that vs. AI match and boom, even +1MHz to core crashes that game somewhere between lobby and next round. Thats like 1s-10mins instead getting Valley crash after hour or something like that.

    My stable Overwatch OC's so far.
    +0mV 1055/500
    +6mV 1085/500
    +12mV 1092/500
    +18mV 1094/500
    +24mv 1102/500

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