Amd Firepro w8000 vs Nvidia Quadro K5000 which one to choose

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    I am not sure I am posting in the right place Sorry

    I am building my new workstation, but I am confused about the video card to choose, I work on 3ds Max, Maya, and adobe applications.

    Can you please help me to choose between these two cards.

    Amd Firepro w8000
    Nvidia Quadro K5000 (I can't find any review for)

    Please mention the Reason for your choice...

    another question out of the topic why hp nor dell give the choice of the new Firepro video cards ( w9000,w8000,...) in their list of video card that you can buy with your workstation? **They add K5000 few days Ago!!!

    Thank you
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    Yes you are posting in the wrong place :)

    But let me help you out.
    Regarding the cards they are very well suited for your needs since they are certified exactly for those applications. That means that drivers will be fixed properly and fast if any problems occur with your application, you will get support from AMD/Nvidia for this.

    For differences between both cards you should look for reviews on the net.
    Here is one I found, unfortunately only on the firepro series:,3265.html

    And probably the best source of information are forums of users that are actually working with the same applications as you and already made a purchase and can report back about their findings. The best place I know for that is cgtalk:

    They have software specific forums and hardware specific forums, both probably will help you make the right decision.

    For workstations in the cg department you might take a look at Boxx workstations right here:

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