AMD confirms Raven Ridge Vega 11 and halts production Vega Reference Cards

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Dec 4, 2017.

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    clearly you are more than a guru by association :D
    old school troubleshooting rules.
    but... honestly never had a problem (other than typical launch issues) with Ryzen 1700 or Threadripper.
    but there was a few times pre-post that i had my sphincter clenched:eek::eek:
    but i was more worried about seating that massive cpu...
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    Yes, that's a serious question. I work in IT support at a major multinational company where in just our office we have around 100 PCs going through installation every week. Not a single time do we have videodrivers fail to install.. Of course, we're supporting Quadro cards and such, so we aren't running all the latest beta drivers and so on, but doing that outside the office all the time puts me in the same "HAHA is that even a serious issue" thing going right back at you...
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    One thing to note too, AMD right now is not releasing any unlocked APU. Meaning if you have a stock Raven Ridge, the most you're going to get from the cpu side at least is the turbo boost. GPU overclocking should be possible as it was with past locked APU's, but memory clocking is one thing I will say that will save these little guys performance wise.
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    That is true, though I think an overclocked Bristol Ridge isn't going to impress compared to a stock Ryzen APU. Besides, Ryzen has underwhelming overclockability anyway (OCing is one of Ryzen's only shortcomings). If there's a model that turbos to 4GHz, there's not much reason to want to overclock it anyway.

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