AMD Catalyst 15.X (14.502.1002)

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by spectatorx, Jan 18, 2015.

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    You think AMD will leave out all the mobility 5xxx PXAI users out in the cold?

    Mobility 5xxx is still supported ...

    I doubt AMD would be that heartless : P

    Users have faith!
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    In laptops all bets are off...;) I thought everyone knew by this late date that the great majority of laptops employ custom OEM hardware that the generic retail *desktop* drivers (regardless of gpu manufacturer) sometimes support but more often don't--and you get stuck with older OEM custom drivers that are soon outdated because after a few months the laptop OEM doesn't want to pay the gpu IHV for a continuing stream of updated drivers. I can well imagine the frustration, but this knowledge is so widespread that if you buy a laptop for 3d gaming--anyway--you have only yourself to blame, imo.

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