AMD Catalyst 15.15 (Official Radeon 300 Launch Driver)

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    Aaa man screw this ****. MGS V Phantom Pain is now a gameworks title. What the hell is AMD doing? One new gpu and a couple of betas since last year that show no performance improvement and one gaming evolve title that is basically a rehash of BF4. No mantle games for 2015 aside from that crap as of yet. I am starting to believe they are just playing BF4 or GTA V, and doing nothing as of late.
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    AMD can't do much about the GameWorks atrocity. You cannot buy such titles though, or complain to the one who put this crap in there.

    Besides, there are some more Mantle titles. "Dragon Age: Inquisition" and "Civilization: Beyond Earth" for example. Also the next "Need for Speed" and "Battlefront" are probably going to support it. Also "Alien: Isolation" was a Gaming Evolved title.
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    Funny enough all those run better on nvidia gpus, and i can show you some gameplay videos and benchmarks.

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    nah, not working on r9 290x flahsed with modded 390x bios (posted it in another thread, memory size edited to 4gb, memory speed to 1250mhz).

    15.15 driver looking for "%AMD67B0.1%" = ati2mtag_Hawaii, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67B0&REV_80

    but flashed 290x still has REV_00
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    The rehash GPU's are largely due to the fact the 20 nm process didn't work. Completely out of AMD's control. It didn't affect Nvidia so much, they had more capital to update their 28 nm designs. It could also be that Nvidia didn't intend releasing 20 nm GPU's and instead were holding out for 14 nm/16 nm.

    No Mantle games? DirectX 12 is largely Mantle anyway :).
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    So the 1040 driver build is the better drivers to go with? or am I missing something?
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    Cool. Where's all the DX12 games that AMD is hoping will save them? Nowhere? Thats what I thought. DX12 games will be at least a year. People think that as soon as Win10 drops, all these DX12 titles will fall from the sky and life will be perfect for the AMD owner. Well guess what? It won't. AMD will still drop the ball on drivers, overhype their crap, and spend way, way too much on idiotic marketing.

    As someone who has used AMD/ATI since the Radeon 8500 (and their CPU's since the T-Bird 750), it looks like I'm done. Just waiting for Fury to drop so Nvidia will cut prices. I'm sick and tired of crap drivers, BS excuses, less than paper launches (looking at you Fury), god awful marketing and general incompetence.

    /rant over.

    That actually felt good. But I'm still fed up with AMD's BS. If they want to survive, they really need to pry their head from their collective ass. As it stands now, the average consumer sees them as a garbage budget solution. And not without justification, thanks to their CPU division. I know some will come back with "just wait for Fury/Zen etc", well, I've heard it all before. In reality it means "Just wait for Another Major Disappointment".
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    Umm all of AMD's drivers are official. Are you confusing official with WHQL? WHQL means nothing. You pay MS to test your driver. They don't work better or worse than beta drivers. It's an antiquated program from when computers and games in general were more unstable.

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    So you cashed out $649 on a single GPU, without at least waiting a week for benchmarks. Please, tell me where you live so that I can come and open a store next to you. :infinity:

    We will get those drivers along with the launch of Windows 10 for sure, if not even earlier. There will be a 15.30 release by the end of this month apparently. Their new driver fork is a big change from the previous drivers, and it is understandable that they need time to make it stable. In the meantime, since you are already here, you have beta access to all the drivers they leak. Unless you believe that the leaks are not intentional.

    What I would really like to see is for them to have an official beta channel, like Microsoft has, where we can have official access to all those builds after we recognize that anything might happen to our computers.

    A proper alpha/beta testing, instead of leaks.
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    So how are the drivers doing on the r9 290/x?
    Any improvement over the 1040 drivers?

    You guys talked a lot about vr @ the convention.
    The most of my vr experience has not been enjoyable.
    Nvidia users have better perfomance in vr with lesser hardware.
    Most full vr games you don't even work on/with like COUGH elite dangerous COUGH.
    Yeah i know you said you gave it up the line and i believe you.
    But for a company so focused on the gaming side they should work with dev's before the sh*tstorm of bad perfomance or no crossfire support for months!
    Or stop selling multigpu's and marketing the hell out of gaming while this is not real life for me.
    This driver has dx11 overhead optimisations and you release it only for a new GPU, but you shaft all customers by releasing it for the new series cards only.
    So that the reviews of the cards will look better as they are faster but also have faster drivers.(Then the 290/x)
    If you only want new customers that's fine, but make sure you don't lose more then what you gain!

    Not directed @ you matt but i hope something changes when you pass it along.
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    These seem pointless for the r9 290x. The installer says the display driver is already up to date and I'm running 15.4
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    Many current games will be patching in DX12.

    W3 for example, and most likely all Frostbyte 3 games.
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    Thx for posting the inf fix

    thx gang.

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    No, I'm not talking about WHQL. By "official", I meant on, and not some ghetto-rigged/modded driver found in these forums.

    ...Not sure if you read my entire post, or just having difficulty comprehending it...
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    There's nothing understandable or acceptable about abandoning driver development for Windows 8/7 six months ago in favor of an OS that won't even be out for another month.

    Those "beta" drivers you mentioned are ghetto-rigged/modded, and I should not have to compromise my system with them in order to have proper support for current games.
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    Ghetto rigged? Huh? The driver is for the new cards. Asder took the time to mod it for everyone else. Comprehend that.
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    Throwing in or customizing an INF from a different driver or having some unknown site sign the driver is what I would call ghetto-rigging.

    I'm in no way attempting to bash asder. He's certainly doing a nice service for those who are willing to install those, but I am not. Take a look at the NVIDIA Drivers section in this forum. You don't see them resorting to those measures, and neither should we.
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    He signs drivers now. Obviously he hasn't had the time to do it.

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