AMD Catalyst 15.15 (Official Radeon 300 Launch Driver)

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    RX 580
    These, for me, are significantly slower on in the API Overhead test compared to 1040 in DX11 but there was a small boost in Mantle calls.
    ~200,000 less DX11 calls
    ~50,000 more in Mantle calls
    ~150 pts less in Firestrike graphics score
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  2. undeadpolice

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    I don't think that is possible I barely able to push my ram pass 1450 mhz.
  3. oGow89

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    What? Man my mem clocks go up to 1600 and 1620 with some artifacts ofc with voltage increase.
  4. my 290x plays great at 1500 and the driver bios for the 390x worked great

  5. jaju123

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    2x AMD R9 290 Crossfire
    My mem doesn't even go past 1300mhz LOL
  6. oGow89

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    Say what? wow i guess i won the silicon lotto.
  7. Dygaza

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    I quess these drivers are a nogo if you're having W10 modded drivers.
  8. jaju123

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    2x AMD R9 290 Crossfire
    Got them elpida reference cards of death and noise
  9. SAG

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    Thx asder00

    Like always, you are the best !
  10. vase

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    did you install these for your 270? do they work?! :3eyes:

  11. hidra

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    Sigh... 270 owner here, left out by AMD. Will monitor this kind of threads for at least 6 months :X
  12. theoneofgod

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    RX 580 8GB
    Huh? This is a leaked driver.
  13. Despoiler

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    The non-modded driver is an official AMD release. The person you were responding to is still a bit lacking in understanding the driver was purpose built for AMD's new cards.
  14. hidra

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    Owh... I thought AMD stop supporting 2xx, since this driver release :confused:

    I'm new in this forum anyway, haha
  15. Burningcoals

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    Been a long time AMD supporter, best bang for buck, great tech, good overclocking cards.

    I'm done for a while... I ordered a 980 Ti, I don't care if Fury X or 390xxx is faster, its the way AMD has treated long time owners and the lack of updates.

    Witcher 3 should have had crossfire support, my friends all using SLI successfully and enjoying high frames. Who at AMD didn't get the memo that Witcher 3 was going to be released? Maybe don't wait for a high profile game to come out and then try to get a driver done a couple months after.

    I play a lot of Steam games, early access, etc. There is usually no crossfire or SLI support, back to single card gaming.

    I hope Fury X kicks ass though!

  16. Fox2232

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    My MB has same feature for CPU, but since it is heavily OCed, all 10 LEDs are permanently ON :)
  17. undeadpolice

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    I already did :infinity:
  18. Quejikos

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    When are we going to get an official driver that isn't an Omega/14.12 rehash for at least R9 2XX cards?

    AMD are really blowing it left and right. They sat on their hands during big releases such as The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto V. Instead, AMD could have capitalized on already decent, albeit worse than competing products from NVIDIA, performance by releasing an actual updated driver (again, all drivers after Omega/14.12 have been rehashes of said driver / see for yourself by comparing key component versions such as Direct3D Version listed in Catalyst Control Center > Information > Software), and potentially beaten NVIDIA's showing in said games. No one cares how great your hardware is if we're not going to have long-term driver support to take advantage of it.
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  19. undeadpolice

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    Care to make a new thread with a guide on how to flash it, or its CSB.
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