AMD Catalyst 14.6 Beta v1.0 (14.200.0 May 23)

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    Not every game needs a driver; not sure honestly why everyone expects a new driver for every game release... Did AMD say something official to state such?

    I can maybe understand a new driver if the game uses unheard of tech that hasn't been optimized in existing drivers, and possibly with Crossfire and/or Eyefinity, but most of the time, poor performance on general computers is because of the game itself.
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    OK, so I was going to test a graphics mod for GTA IV and I can't do it properly since the stupid game states that my graphics card is not good enough and wouldn't allow me to change the resolution or LOD inside game settings.

    Is this related to these beta drivers? Would anybody be kind enough so as to explain whether there is any way to modify those settings manually?


    EDIT: OK, never mind. I've found this in the Steam forums:
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    Both 14.6 betas are broken when using my HDMI monitor (LG245WP-BN) (the ones with DVI works fine), it's being forced to 1080p (native is 1920x1200) and the image is shifted to the left. It seems to ignore the EDID on the screen.


    It's the same error as this one
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