AMD Catalyst 13.x ( April 16) Unofficial

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by asder00, Apr 17, 2013.

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    MERC310 RX 7900 XTX
    Something must have been tweaked in this driver, I was playing Crysis 3 at Medium setting + FXAA + 8xAF @5760x1200, and it was choppy at best with the 13.3 B3. But with this driver, framerate improved a smidgen, but the weird part is, it's smoother.....even with framerate hovering at about 25fps, it's not laggy nor do I see any micro-stutter.....weird I tell ya.
  2. weasel

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    Well in the past maybe,but 200 or 300 points in firestrike is a marginal improvement for a rarther heavy bench.And i don't defrag at all,my programs and games are all installed on my ssd.
  3. defcoms

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    Tracks AMD REP commented on these drivers. They are the same driver as 13.3b3 just with added support for the 7790.

    I did however, cut them into piece and sprinkle them over my yard. My grass is greener then ever and not a single weed anywhere....
  4. PNeV

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    These drivers do not do much for me, Synthetic Benchmarks give more or less the same score and the Unigine Benchmarks actually lose 2 - 3 FPS overall in compared to 13.3 B3.

  5. elite69

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    EVGA rtx 2060 6gb
    again playing resident evil 6 and a grey bsod on my lcd when wil they fix this litle bug? The rest of the games seem tho be runing fine for now.
  6. nemesis660

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    what is the ccc? and where is that exactly on extracted folder? is that in this directory?
    please some one answer me. it.s important.....
  7. xacid0

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    Zotac GTX980Ti AMP! Omega
    Grey BSOD usually caused by unstable memory clock. Try decrease it?
  8. Shaneus

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    Given you're running CFX, is it possible this is the first driver with that timing fix associated with multiple GPUs that everyone's been discussing recently? The end result you've described sounds exactly like that... lower framerate, but smoother overall.

    Sadly, I can't think of any games that really exhibit microstutter... at least, none that weren't at least partially improved by RadeonPro's Dynamic Framerate.
  9. |ALE|

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    my 7970 crossfire show in crysis 3 very worst performance ever... gpu occupancy it's like 13.3b3, but the framerate it's similar to only one gpu use...
  10. Lane

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    No .... frames runt or frames using AFR mode will not cause this .. if you have 3ms average, but with 1ms then 4ms, your average will still be 3ms ... ( the average fps )..

    You need to look the graphs and understand runt frames are caused by a short time frames, who repercut then on a long, but whatever, it is still the same average frames times, its not longer or shorter... it is the average of both frametimes render who are impart... you cant take the maximum and say it is the average .. whatever you are seeing a long and short, or a smooth line, the average frametime render is the same. ( it dont increase or decrease the performance ) ( hence why fixed or not, the average fps is still the same )

    By fixing frames runt, or not, the average is still the same, it is just the graphics representation who change.. ( i can assure you, your brain is unable to see a difference of 0,002 second between 2 frametimes, who take 0,004 second to be rendered ) 1/1000 of second guys.. for your brain a light who is on and off at this speed ( 1/1000 of times on and off in 1 second ), is like you see the light only on all the times .

    Take a strobe light, and power it on and off 1000 times in 1 second.. you will never see it off.. only on. And i can assure you if the time used for power the light is not allways of 0,001ms, but vary of 0,002ms and then 0,0005ms, your brain is unable to see it.
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  11. Cold_Burn

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    Great driver for Crysis 3 on a 6870 Crossfire!
  12. dewamade

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    I do agree with you, when playing resident evil 6 with this driver not so much fps gain, but it is more smooth, only one problem i faced with this driver that when my lappy start up the catalyst control center suddenly crash, any one have an idea?
  13. lord_zed

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    Yey With those drivers Cyberlink Power Director does not crash like with previous betas. I ran few benchmarks and they look stable :)
  14. hallryu

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    Installed but had a few issues getting everything installed correctly.

    Will test tonight hopefully.
  15. warlord

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    working nicely on windows blue too...!!! :) only needed the same procedure of TEST MODE... :) very nice...stable smooth and clean, no problems :banana:

    on windows my score went from windows "8" 7.8/7.8 to 8.3/8.3 for windows "8.1" (the 2 GPU scores)...well something is very good about AMD incoming.

  16. elite69

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    EVGA rtx 2060 6gb
    gpu memomory right?
  17. Espionage724

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    Source? I can't imagine most people here being under placebo effects if that were truly the case...
  18. Fox2232

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    As I wrote before, from binary point of view all dlls are different from 13.3b2/b3. In size and in content.
    If they made no changes in code they used different compiler settings. But result is... Dlls are not same as those older.
  19. Valagard

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    Wow, planetside 2 hates these drivers with my 7970

    Switched back to 13.3b3's
  20. Scyphe

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    Yes... Since 12.11b or so... so I set it to never go to sleep and turn off the monitor with the power button instead. Can't wake it up no matter what I do.

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