AMD Catalyst 13.x ( April 16) Unofficial

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by asder00, Apr 17, 2013.

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    woot !
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    XFX RX6800XT 16GB
    They want you to think that and then...BooM! :D
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    why everone keep says older OGL, it is newer 6.14
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  5. Scyphe

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    Beta 3 is basically Beta 2 with OpenGL from an earlier build since the Beta 2 OpenGL had bugs and slowdowns in it. So the older OpenGL is apparently the one to go for.

    I haven't checked out these particular drivers though, I tend to skip drivers made for a specific budget card (like the 7790) always doubting there will be changes that affects any other card with a different device ID, but now I'm not sure.
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    I installed 13.3 b3 on a fresh install of Windows 8 and it reports
  7. pokerapar88

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    I would like any feedback on HD 7970 improvements/issues
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    You kidding me, i posted about it on page 1.
  10. 7stars

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    yes, opengl is older...but for sure is an improvement from the previous 13.1 :-D
    CFX 7850 - Hitman Absolution benchmark 1920x1080 ultra, same settings (with dynamic v-sync by Radeonpro):
    13.1 -> FPS min 36 med 48.84
    This -> FPS min 44 med 53.50

    and if it's more stable than 13.3b3 is surely welcome :)

  11. k1net1cs

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    DXVA has worked fine for quite some time, but it still breaks EVR (blank/black video); doesn't matter if you use another renderer like madVR or Haali, though.
    Flash videos are still green with hardware acceleration turned on; tested with Flash 11.7.
  12. Scyphe

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    I did a binary comparison between various important files and even though they have the exact same version numbers there are major differences in them. Lesson: in a beta/hotfix-release don't depend on version numbers of D3D or OGL etc., they may keep the same version number but be vastly different (as I discovered when I compared file-contents of identically sized and version-numbered files).

    I forgot to make MD5 hashes so I could show you tangible proof that same-version files are different. And it wasn't just the header, it was big chunks of code in the files that were different.
  13. 7stars

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    that is... this package is different from 13.1 and 13.3b3 both ?
  14. Fox2232

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    It does not matter much that they use same version numbering.
    From binary point of view these drivers are totally different than 13.3b2/3.
  15. kerranG.

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    Noob question, how do i install these drivers with no exe?. I extracted the files, now the only thing i need to do is replace/delete my old AMD folder?

  16. Fox2232

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    That would be extremely bad!
    There is setup.exe right in base directory.
    If you don't see it it may be because you have same weird windows security settings.

    Every downloaded file gets flagged as potentially dangerous and your system may not allow executables to be extracted from such.
  17. velocityx

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    there is an exe file in the archive
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    All positive comments look promising for this driver.:)

    I'm still on 13.2b6 on a laptop with AMD A6 6720G2. Has anyone compared this 13.x to older 13.2betas? I'm on the fence to try these drivers and see if they'll be better game performers than 13.2b6 , or just wait for an official 13.3 beta4.
  19. kerranG.

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    I used the setup.exe and everything went fine, but it didnt install CCC. :wanker:
  20. Fox2232

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    Use custom installation mode. And you can read if installer will attempt to install CCC.
    If it went fine and installer tried to install CCC then it's installed. Just integration got broken.

    In such case, reboot PC. Use "Programs & Features" > uninstall all via "AMD Catalyst install manager".
    Reboot, reboot. Install everything like normally via Custom mode to check what is being installed.

    Do not use any Driver cleaners and stuff, if you are not experienced those cleaners may bring much more harm than just regular uninstall.

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