AMD Catalyst 13.3 BETA 3 ( March 18)

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by asder00, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. SetsunaFZero

    SetsunaFZero Guest

    BL2 and Hitman Ab. keep crashing at startup but TB works fine :/
    Edit: clean installed the drivers, works fine now
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  2. Rich_Guy

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  3. hulawafu77

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  4. BravoFxTrt

    BravoFxTrt Guest

    Update: The best Drivers Iv downloaded in quite some time, Thank You ASder and AMD/ATI :D

  5. erocker

    erocker Guest

    I'm getting artifacts in IE10 with pictures/photos. Games work fine. Not getting this issue with the last 13.2 beta's.

    Going to try a different browser now.
  6. Unraveling

    Unraveling Guest

  7. Eastcoasthandle

    Eastcoasthandle Guest

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    It maybe just you unless you post up some pics.
  8. Did amd stop making drivers for XP?
  9. BugMeister

    BugMeister Guest

    did you try using software rendering instead of GPU rendering?
    - it's under the Advanced tab in Internet Options, at top of the list..:)
  10. Valagard

    Valagard Guest

    Update your damn OS already

    There is not a single, solitary reason to be using XP over Win7

  11. Espionage724

    Espionage724 Guest

    There is if your on older hardware; but someone with a HD6950 should really just stay away from XP.

    However, another reason is, if you don't own a legit license. Not everybody can just throw down $100+ (or however much it is now for either 7 or 8; or even Vista), and not everyone is into piracy, or 30-day trials.
  12. Thanks for enlightening me with your awesome gamer centred logic; this machine is never going to be upgraded cause it's also my workstation, and upgrading the OS and setting everything back up again would put me out of commission for too long.

    Oh, also thanks for not answering my actual question at all.
  13. warlord

    warlord Guest

    best driver until today.

    also browser acceleration fixed in firefox.

    smooth as butter with full oc also, i can't see an error on this.

    whoever reverts to older driver, should format his PC is destroyed to death.
  14. The Mac

    The Mac Guest

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    you are on a 13 year old OS.

    Deal with it, or upgrade.

    no one cares.
  15. with what?

    Thanks for once again not answering and contributing nothing; just stop posting.

  16. warlord

    warlord Guest

    nobody can help you neither amd, you choose between 2 options : you go and upgrade the OS or you should buy an older than hd5xxx gpu with older drivers use..that's it that's all, if you don't like it take a hammer and star hitting your PC
  17. So what you are saying is amd did stop making drivers for xp? Cause that's what my question was...I wasn't asking for help to find a driver.

    Can you direct me to amd's official statement about this, cause the last WHQL driver for vista/7/8/XP is still 13.1.
  18. k1net1cs

    k1net1cs Guest

    Probably not stop making drivers for WinXP per say, but rather only making beta drivers for Vista/7/8 so there's only WHQL ones for WinXP.
    Win7's graphics system is basically based on Vista, hence why Vista still gets support (aside from it is newer than WinXP) even though probably not many people would consider it to play their games in.
    (I personally found Vista just as fine as Win7 in terms of performance after SP2)

    IIRC they also provided WinXP support on some of the "Catalyst hotfixes" (a.k.a. officially supported betas), but that seemed to stop on 12.11 beta(s) a.k.a. the 'Never Settle' drivers.
    Probably a nod to "just upgrade from WinXP" suggestions from most other users like you see here, but I digress.

    Well, that's the gist of it.
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  19. Offler2

    Offler2 Guest

    Win 2000 and WinXP have both major version 5.x. This affect many things inside the system.

    Win Vista, Win 7 and Win 8 have all major version 6.x and have much better memory management (especially x64 versions). Different driver model is only logical result, since drivers have opportunity to use more than 2gb... These differences are quite important. Much more important as differences between Windows 98SE and WinXP for example.

    I took years, but x64 systems are becoming prevalent, yet WinXP is so popular that game developers just cant start make only 64bit engines. On the other hand MS is forcing gamers to upgrade via higher version of DirectX...

    Still most game engines nowadays are using legacy approach... Mainly because of consoles.
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  20. Terepin

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    Using your workstation for gaming as well is retarded. If your workstation isn't suitable for gaming, that's your problem and you deserve it.
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