AMD Catalyst 13.11 BETA8 ( October 29)

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    lool, never crashed with beta 7, first match with beta 8, crash!
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    MSI 2070S X-Trio
    Indeed, demoted! :D
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    reset cru, my hdtv already connected via hdmi.

    start a match... incredible smooth for 3/4 minutes... then stutter again. Exit to windows, check msi ab graph.... for 3/4 minutes correct high frequencies, then again drop to 501/1500.

    A little step for a man.... not a bit step to the solution.... thanks in advance if you have other tips to resolve my issue!
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    Feature Highlights of The AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta8 Driver for Windows

    Includes all Feature Highlights of the AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta7
    Resolves intermittent crashes experienced with Battlefield 4 on Windows 8 based systems


  5. HiCZoK

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    I can't install them. downloaded couple of time now, even from amd site

    NSIS Error - installer integrity check has failed.....

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    Me too, and same with someone else I know. DL them from Guru3d, it works fine. For some reason the one on the official site is 6mb smaller than the Guru3d installer, so that might have something to do with it.
  7. HiCZoK

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    nope. both guru3d and amd downloads are 199mb and both dont work. hmmm

    i just installed 13.11v7 hours ago no problem
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    @amd:when do you plan to add an auto detect for number of CPU core and give user the option to set their message signal interrupt to 1 per CPU core (instead of one per CPU socket ) for desktop user? or will this be only avail for and fx CPU?
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    thank You. downloading. wonder what is hapening

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    Will waiting for your news, soldier. :)
    For that file size, it can be the server side issues, I think AMD might using CDN, and some CDN servers are getting the broken file from AMD main server.

    Anything can be happen in the Internet. ;)
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    Cool thanks, I'll give it a go tonight. Does anyone know if frame-pacing/crossfire issue was resolved on today's Beta8?
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  14. Ltmatt

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    No its not fixed and someone needs to make AMD aware of this ASAP! The massive cpu spikes you see below are with Vsync off. Its unplayable. You turn Vsync on its three times as bad!

    i7 2700k@4.8ghz
    16GB DDR3 2133Mhz

    13.11 beta 7 - 1440P - Ultra +x4 AA Vsync OFF - Frame Pacing ON = Microstutter central, CPU Spikes galore.


    13.11 beta 7 - 1440P - Ultra +x4 AA Vsync ON - Frame Pacing OFF + FPS Limit Set At 60 FPS = Smooth as a baby's bottom covered in baby oil.

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    I asked it before when you brought it up, but what is this MSI to 1 per CPU core thing?

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    Downloaded successfully through GURU3D redirect to the AMD site. 240mb.
  17. BenYeeHua

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  18. BenYeeHua

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    Yes, it will only make some difference on the people that having download size issues.
    It look like the original name is V, when you are download with the v, the server might giving a broken file, and cached it.

    I saw that issues in past, when the beta 3 came up I think, in the twitter.
  19. Ltmatt

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    Bump for this to make sure it doesn't go unnoticed. :p

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