AMD Catalyst 13.11 BETA8 ( October 29)

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    my gpu usage, vsync off, frame pacing on
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    uninstalled driver, cleaned, removed radeonpro... nothing to do, on bf4 my gpu 1 drop to 500mhz.

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    There ios this "amd gaming evolved" app included with those drivers. It wasnt in drivers earlier right ? I just deselected it. I am not loosing anything righ t ?
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    No, that's just raptr
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    The graphs look pretty consistant with each other. But, since graphs can be a bit misleading I'll still ask. Is everything nice and fluid?
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    Missing all beta releases, been playing bf4 like there is no tomorrow. :banana:
  10. Right away i noticed increased performance with these drivers using my sapphire 7950 (overclocked from 925mhz to 1000mhz core). I play warz (i know laugh all you want) but i immediately noticed a difference in how the frames were rendered. It is much more fluid and stable as i looked around. Also i used to get a minor artifact about once per hour but with these drivers i have not seen a single one. Good stuff

  11. Unacceptable Soldier! :D
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    Ahhhh come on, I JUST downloaded Beta 7!

    Can't whine, though, can we :p

  13. Im betting with such a quick update, the only fixes will be BF4 crashes, which means as Beta6 and Beta7 still give lockups and display corruption, the same will be with Beta8
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    beta 8 no difference, same stutter problem with bf4.
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    Turn on Vsync until it's fixed.

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    I take it you tried capping to your refresh, with vsync and no frame pacing? makes it a lot smoother for me.
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    with vsync on, frame pacing off, yes. I'm hoping next driver will be fine with vsync+frame pacing.
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    I get the 500Mhz core 1250Mhz mem bug on my single card when I set a custom refresh rate on my monitor with CRU. I need to reset the refresh rates in order to stop happening.

    This happens on DVI connection. I changed to HDMI and stopped happening. Now I have my custom refresh rate without clocks getting stuck.

    I'm telling you because it's strange, first time I see 500Mhz core clock. It's not like the UVD's 501Mhz.
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    I will. :)
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    Feature Highlights of The AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta8 Driver for Windows

    * Includes all Feature Highlights of the AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta7
    * Resolves intermittent crashes experienced with Battlefield 4 on Windows 8 based systems

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