AMD Catalyst 13.11 BETA8 ( October 29)

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  1. No_LiMiT

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    I have a problem with these drivers, I have a 7970 which I under-clocked in MSI afterburner to avoid a flicker that occurs from time to time, but now when card is under-clocked the screen is kinda jumpy when I refresh or do stuff, it shakes up and down, any ideas why this is? I've put it in normal profile (non clocked) but flicker is annoying, it's not happening a lot and only when idle.
  2. GizmoSLI

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    Vertical Sync on bf4 causes major frame drop, once I disable v-sync fps rate is 90-160.

    I am running ultra settings and Windows 8.1 64bit.
  3. caleb59

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    KFA2 RTX 3070 8GB
    "Just a heads up - we are aware of the BF4 intermittent map change crash under Windows 8. We plan to have a fix posted by tomorrow afternoon." ->
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    1920x1080, all max, except shadows which i turned down to lowest available setting and for aa, overall i'm not using aa in games, only if is available i'm using FXAA.

    And driver version is also important, 13.11 beta 1, any later makes performance terrible, as i mentioned it before.
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  5. flow

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    Asus TUF RTX3080 oc
    All run at the programs default settings.

    3Dmark vantage gpu score 40164 , 3Dmark score 37252
    3Dmark11 graphics score 11330 , P11009
    3Dmark firestrike graphics score8735 , 7751

    The highest driver scores of this year for my setup, and without raptr.
    Haven't installed that part.
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  6. |ALE|

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    msaa4x ?
  7. NiColaoS

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    Like at the beginning of BF3... I could barely run on High settings with VSync on. Now I can on High with 4x MSAA. It's gonna take some time.

    Incidentally, on the new AMD site, they claim DX11.2 'capability' on 7000 series GPUs. I guess a driver later will support it properly, like the R series. It kinda reminds me the "Vista Capable" fiasco. I hope they won't be similar situations.
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  8. GizmoSLI

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    Not sure but whatever the ultra settings is.
  9. GizmoSLI

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    True that, I didn't forget the drama of bf3 and crossfire, at least crossfire works in 4, I can live without the vsync for now.
  10. |ALE|

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  11. BugMeister

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    if you're running a 64-Bit Windows set-up,
    it may be worth setting HPET to 64-bit in BIOS
    - it often defaults to 32-Bit..

    - just a thought.. :)
  12. Has anyone who was experiencing corrupted displays and lockups with Beta6 tried these yet?
  13. |ALE|

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  14. Veki(CRO)

    Veki(CRO) Guest

    Yes and i got corrupted displays and lockups with Beta7 too.
    The last driver that works for me is 13.11 Beta1.
  15. Thanks, think I`ll give it a miss then

    13.11 beta3 is working fine for me so long as I don't let the monitor go to sleep, as I found out yesterday it hard locks and I have to reset the entire machine

    But gaming and video etc is all working well with b3

  16. sekta

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    I can't get any driver past 13.11 beta 1 to work on my 3-way 7970 system. 2 graphics cards are fine but 3 gives an instant atikmpag.sys BSOD on start-up.
  17. eclap

    eclap Guest

    same here, disable frame pacing in the driver and vsync will work fine.
  18. Scout

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    that did the trick, for some reason it didn't work in a custom profile for the bf4.exe file.. had to disable it globally, wondering if this is affecting other games as well
  19. signex

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    RTX 3080 Ti 16GB
    No more crashes in BF4 for me with this driver, i'm super happy. :D
  20. SAG

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    7790 on W7 x64. Like the B6 I get system lockups, sometimes crackling sound, choppy scrolling in Firefox and the mouse pointer glitch is back too.

    Back to B1 and all is fine again.

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