AMD Catalyst 13.11 BETA8 ( October 29)

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by Espionage724, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. GizmoSLI

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    Sorry for the late response, I had the 2500K @ 4.7
  2. GizmoSLI

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    My point was Multi GPU setup is CPU intensive.
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    Galax 980 ti HOF
    So i reported this on a few forum threads but going to say it again. I get smoother experience in BF4 with Frame pacing off. I'm running 2560x1440 @ 96Hz and my FPS is locked at 100 when V-sync is enabled and should be 96FPS. I also have another bug in BF4 where my second gpu can have 10-15% usage more than my other card but in other games like crysis 3, borderlands2, metro last light, etc etc it's exactly the same usage for both cards. Hope AMD/Dice can get things sorted then we will see something truly amazing but yet again we already do
  4. JohnnyFu

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    The driver packes does not contain any driver Mobility Radeon HD 5145 for Windows 8.1 x64. So it does NOT Support ALL 5000 cards!

  5. k37chup

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    Palit 4070
    Just tested and still have it on my system (w7x64) :pc1::bang:

  6. lycanwrath

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    AMD RX480 8GB ref
    I am on 2x Crossfire HD6950 2Gbs and have exact same issue as you on BF4.Frame pacing gives me continious "micro" slutter.

    Disabling frame pacing and enabling ingame vsync gives much better experience, 100% smooth.
  7. Installing Beta 8 again now that everything is running fine to test without MSI AB

    Hopefully the jumping and corruption and lockups will be gone now that my GPU Core is not stuck OCd
  8. Bullu$

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    I also have it in win764bit, but framepacing on in w8.1 64bit doesn't give any stutters anymore.
  9. So far so good, can watch videos still without any problems, GPU clock is still where I want it, no screen jumping or splitting
  10. Veki(CRO)

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    I found what was causing my problems with screen flickering,display corrupt on Youtube and restart.
    Before 2-3 months i edited my bios and lowered "middle" memory clock to 750MHz [​IMG] and it was working fine with all drivers until 13.11. Beta3 driver.
    It seems that ATI changed something and now changing memory freq. causing screen flickering and grey lines screeen on Youtube videos.

    I changed "middle" mem clock back to default 1500MHz and now everything is ok :D [​IMG]

  11. Rich_Guy

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    Beta 9 a coming :p

  12. Yea clocks were the issue for me too, fixed that and beta 8 is working fine now
  13. Yopfraise

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    MSI Suprim X 4090
    I Still have these odd Screen Jumping on every apps i use (Firefox, Mkv on MPC, Games etc...)
    Does anybody found how to solve the issue ?

    Also, I'm on Win 8.1, so if it is a Win 8.1 issue only, i'll go back to 7.

    Help mates, i'm starting to be epileptic with these "jumps" everytime :bang:

    Edit : Checked GPU Clocks and everything is fine on GPU-Z : 3D clocks are correctly on when playing games.
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  14. Are you also running Afterburner?

    Removing it and RTSS 100%, reg entires manually too fixed it for me
  15. Yopfraise

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    MSI Suprim X 4090
    I dont have MSI AB & RTSS installed and i already tried Ati display uninstaller on this forum, no result :/

  16. long2905

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    I'm refreshing guru3d every hour hoping for Beta 9 lol
  17. Espionage724

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    Today definitely would be a great time for it to be released for me; getting a new HDD in a few hours and reinstalling Windows :p
  18. 7stars

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    but if beta 9 don't bring crossfire support are almost pointless to me... unless big improvements even with single gpu...
    anyway, i think that we have achieved a point of no return if always, every single time we have to update the drivers for every single game... don't you agree? i think that manufacturers have to find another this way it's impossible to enjoy PC gaming without issues or without waiting days or months after the release to have decent performance... or the multigpu side must be considered by developers engine since the beginning OR anyhow it takes another way to do this... maybe with less frequent updates about performance (sure appreciated) but 9 beta versions in so little time is not a solution for the most among users, because it becomes too much for niche...IMHO
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  19. long2905

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    well bad news for you then since the ghosts article Guru3d posted have 7990 catching up at the bottom (aka Crossfire has yet to work)

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