AMD Catalyst 12.7 (8.981.2.1 June 25) AMD Official BETA

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    Sapphire HD 7970 Ghz Ed.
    Never seen it in games.
    ONLY seen it in loading screens (when a game switches from 3D to 2D) or at the end of a game when it tries to switch back to the desktop, or while browsing/scrolling webpages on IE.
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    I've tried using this beta driver in hope it would fix the 2d/3d clock stuck issue but no luck. It's very strange, I used to be able to overclock with MSI Afterburner without this problem (clock stuck on 400/1000Mhz) but the latest drivers have obviously broken something.
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    I have a acer laptop with a6-3420m , 6520g ,

    is this driver better than the 12.4b hot fix mobility????
  4. The Mac

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    make sure your using the latest AB, unwinder had to fix something beause of the deprecated dlls AMD removed.

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    XFX 6970 - 2GB Trifire
    Flicker cure for

    I had flickers and found turning on vsync fixed it.
  6. FrizzleFry

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    XFX Radeon HD 7870 2GB
    Back to 12.4

    First I tried the 12.6 whql driver. The only noticeable problem I had with it was monitor scaling was off, had a black border around my screen and it would forget my adjustment everytime I booted up. I even tried adding a registry entry someone suggested, no effect.
    Not a huge deal but I found it more annoying as time went on, so I decided to try this driver. I installed on top of the 12.6 at first, when I looked at the version number it was still 12.6. So then I tried uninstalling and driver sweeper and all that, and installed 12.7 again. Looked at the version number this time.... 11.5? Wtf?
    So I'm done. 12.4 is working for me. When I see a bunch of people happy with a new version of the driver on these forums I will consider trying it.
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    XFX Radeon 6970 2GB
    12.7 is BETA-look at 3d driver version to see if updated

    If you did a driver sweeper then of course windows update will download and install latest WHQL driver OR ANY PREVIOUS WHQL driver installed before.

    It would be better to check driver version of both display driver/CCC/etc... when using a BETA cause even when I upgraded to 12.7 BETA from 12.6 WHQL it also just displays 12.6, which isn't the case with 12.7 PREVIEW

    As far as your 12.6 WHQL black bar issues... I had that happen to me, and found a workaround without having to fix after a reboot.

    I found a few different ways to fix it until restart

    Go to "My Digital Flat Panels>Scaling Options"
    1. Move Under/Over scan anywhere from current position then apply, finally the scan move back to desired position and apply, black bars should be gone (My Overscan ends up maxed out)

      Another way is to
    2. Check the box on the bottom that says "use the scaling values..., click apply, then uncheck, and finally click apply again

    For the eventual permanent method Go to "My Digital Flat Panels>Pixel Format"
    • Change to "RGB 4:4:4 Pixel Format PC Standard (Limited RGB)"

    Not sure if "Full RGB" would make a difference from "Limited RGB" I just have a standard TN monitor so makes no difference to me

    So for permanent solution I basically just did both the temporary steps, and finally the last one changing the Pixel Format. On restart black bars were gone and native resolution was normal

    This only happened when I switched to the HDMI port of my vid card. When using a DVI-to-HDMI cable (HDMI from monitor-to DVI on Video Card) I never had this issue before, but a regular HDMI-to-HDMI caused this on 12.6 WHQL.

    12.6 WHQL is seriously a pain in the butt

    Oh, and ALL versions of AB work for me in unofficial overclocking mode, they say some "dll" is not included, but aside from 1 preview driver it's always there, you should probably install a WHQL version first then a BETA/PREVIEW
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