AMD Catalyst 12.11 (9.010.8 November 15) AMD Official BETA 11

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by asder00, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. Kaplan

    Kaplan Guest

    Man i don't have any bugs at all besides, when i open up any game doesn't what game it is. i end up crashing the game and have too alt tab and manually close the game with task manager it's unbelievable and definitely annoying. this is the only problem i am having any suggestions or help anyone can give me?
  2. BugMeister

    BugMeister Guest

    it actually runs quite well on my twin 6870's..
    Skyrim, BF3 and Diablo3 running perfectly OK..
    bit sluggish at times - but hey, it's a BETA..
    there's probably still quite a bit of trimming required, here and there..

    - anyway..

    - for this particular set-up
    the 12.7 BETA (hot-fix) dated 25th Jun has been the best, by a country mile..

    PS: ignore the bumf in that thread BTW..
    - the driver didn't suit 7*** series cards particularly well..:nerd:

    - you'll see some favourable reviews from 6*** series users, though..
    - it certainly would be worth your while downloading it, give it whirl
    - it's a doozie.. :)
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  3. OmegaX

    OmegaX Guest

    Everything seems good with these drivers but BF3. My crossfire 6970s run pretty terrible now, absolutely no problem in the past. Anyone getting similar results with 6970s?
  4. ClockClocker

    ClockClocker Master Guru

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    970 gtx

    That hast nothing to do with the card itself. The screen connected seem to be the reason. If you connect your screen via HDMI the problem should be gone too. If you disconnect your screen your card also will clock correctly. So i guess it has something to do with the screen connected on DVI. It seem to depend which screen you use, the card itself doesn't seem to be the reason.

    Still AMD needs to fix that anyway.

  5. Rich_Guy

    Rich_Guy Ancient Guru

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    MSI 2070S X-Trio
    No clock bug here, reference 7970, connected to Asus VE278Q by DVI. :)
  6. The Mac

    The Mac Guest

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    Sapphire R9-290 Vapor-X
    im still going with an EDID issue...

    although, no one with HDMI seems to have the issue....
  7. heroxoot

    heroxoot Guest

    Anyone else seeing major flickering and corruption in super street fighter 4 arcade edition? An otherwise completely stable OC and I flicker out like crazy on it. I'm going to be testing stock.
  8. juzz

    juzz Member

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    4090 watercooled
    my "antique" 5850 also has idle clock bug. If I set memory 5mhz below stock (995 instead of 1000) it fixes the issue.

    I'm also noticing weird flickering in my 2nd monitor sometimes if I have something else running full screen on primary monitor.

    Other than these minor issues these drivers are keepers.
  9. hallryu

    hallryu Guest

    I'm using 2 screens. Primary U2711 via DisplayPort and the second my old DGM 24" via DVI

    I can set a 2D profile in afterburner @ 300/685 btw.
  10. ankinferno

    ankinferno Guest

    12.11 BETA Feedback by my 7900 GPU :

    Terrible Performance Loss in all games, when increasing Anti Aliasing to Level 4x and above !!!!

    rest all settings are at max.


    No problems in 12.10 WHQL, All Settings at max , no performance loss..

    for me 12.10 WHQL seem Better than 12.11 Beta...

  11. JonasBeckman

    JonasBeckman Ancient Guru

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    XFX 7900XTX M'310
    Are you using Edge-Detect or some such? that would explain the large framerate difference when going up to 4x AA samples or higher. :)
    (But then again if you keep the CCC settings the same and the only difference is the driver version then it's something else.)
  12. erocker

    erocker Guest

    Same here. For the time being I set my memory slider to 150MHz in CCC and my idle clocks sit at 300/150. When in 3D apps, my clocks go to 1050/1500 (I use the GHz bios)
  13. ClockClocker

    ClockClocker Master Guru

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    970 gtx
    Still no Fix from AMD? Wow that's unexpected.
  14. coppolla

    coppolla Guest

    why this driver dosnt work with 5650 hd :bang: :bang:
  15. Leviathan-

    Leviathan- Guest

    Since its a beta i dont believe they will bother in throwing another so soon.

  16. Espionage724

    Espionage724 Guest

    Radeon HD 5650 I believe is... part of the 5000 series, which is said to be supported. You "may" want to be a bit more specific though.
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  17. erocker

    erocker Guest

    Because it's not meant for it. (Performance wise) :banana:
  18. coppolla

    coppolla Guest

    so what is the solution for this graphic card :pc1:
  19. Espionage724

    Espionage724 Guest

    What do you mean the driver doesn't work exactly? Can you literally not just install the driver (no supported hardware detected)? Does the driver install, and you have lower performance in games?
  20. coppolla

    coppolla Guest

    I HAVE ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5650 in my vaio and amd drivers not compatible with this graphic card :bang:
    and sony wont update the driver
    is there any solution to make this driver working :pc1:
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